Virtual TimeClock Knowledge Base

Features & Functions


Overview of Backups
Manual Backups
Automatic Scheduled Backups
Verifying Scheduled Backups
Restoring a Backup
Common Backup Mistakes

Breaks & Lunches

Breaks and Lunches
Automatic Time Additions & Deductions

Clocking In & Out

Clocking In & Out - Basic Edition
Clocking In & Out - Pro or Network Edition
Missed Clock Out Errors
Timestamp Source
Daylight Saving Time & Virtual TimeClock
Kiosk Mode
Time Clock Preferences


Exporting from Virtual TimeClock


Overview of Display Groups
Creating a New Group
General Settings for Groups
TimeClock Interface Options
Users & User Permissions
Managers & Manager Permissions
Assigning Activities to Groups
Out Memos
Reports for Groups
Changing Groups

Holiday, Leave & Time Off Tracking

Overview of Leave Tracking
Setting Up Leave Categories
Setting Up Leave Awards
Entering Leave Hours
Reporting Leave Hours
Setting Up Leave Tracking Mid-Year
End-Of-Year Leave Carryover

Manually Adding & Editing Entries

Overview of Adding and Editing Entries
Manually Adding Timecard Entries
Adding Breaks & Lunches
Editing Timecard Entries


Overview of Messaging
Enabling and Managing Messaging
Sending and Responding to Messages


Overview of Overtime
Setting the Workweek
Creating Overtime Rules
Assigning Overtime Rules to Users
Calculating & Reporting Overtime
Overnight Shifts

Passwords & Security

Overview of Passwords & Security
Configuring Security Options
Creating Passwords
Modifying & Deleting Passwords
Basic Edition Security Settings

Payroll Approval

Configure Payroll Settings
Payroll Approval Process - Basic Edition
Payroll Approval Process - Pro & Network Editions
Electronic Timecard Approval
Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration
Reopening Payroll Periods

Shift Rules & Schedules

Overview of Shift Rules and Schedules
Creating a New Shift
Shift Rules: Clock In
Shift Rules: Lunch Breaks
Shift Rules: Clock Out
Assigning Shifts to Users
Using Shifts in Reports
Split Shifts
Troubleshooting Shift Rules

Timecards & Reporting

Viewing & Printing Timecards
Detail & Summary Reports
Modifying & Creating Reports
Timecards for Inactive Users
Timecards for Salaried Workers
Time Rounding
Timecard Entry Notes
Timecard Signature Options
Calculating & Reporting Gross Wages
Accuracy of Report Totals
Decimal Hours vs. Hours & Minutes
Program Logs

Tracking Hours by Activity, Department, or Location

Introduction to Labor Tracking
Overview of Activity Tracking
Creating Activities
Assigning & Using Activities
Reporting Activities
Reporting Time by Department

Users, Managers, Administrators

Overview of Users, Managers & Administrators
Adding Users
Removing Users
Adding & Removing Managers
Adding & Removing Administrators