Virtual TimeClock Users & Reviews

Goal Eyecare Software

Green Bay, WI

"Here at Goal we have used Virtual TimeClock for over 6 years. We have been recommending this product very often in the past. There are quite a few offices now using it and the feedback is 'We love it!'."
Stanlick Chiropractic

Murfreesboro, TN

"Virtual TimeClock is the easiest and the least time consuming way of collecting and processing employee hours I have ever used."
Larry Masuoka, D.M.D.

Fair Oaks, CA

"Great product, I appreciate that Redcort keeps Virtual TimeClock updated to work with current operating systems."
St. John's University

Jamaica, NY

"We have been using Redcort's time clock software for over six years here in the TV, Film and Radio Center at St. John's. We have found it to be an invaluable tool for tracking the hours of up to 30 student workers each semester."
All Creatures Animal Hospital

Amherst, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Rock Creek Home Veterinary Care

Chevy Chase, MD

"Super user friendly software and responsive customer service. We are pleased!"
Transform Computer Repair

Cheshire, CT

"We're a small business and this software provides an easy way for us to keep track of employees' hours without the large investment of a punch clock system. Thanks!"
Stine Eye Center

Weston, WI

"Virtual TimeClock works great!"
Shapiro Injury Group PA

Orlando, FL

"Super fast set-up. Best tech support and customer service. Very easy to use and easy to import into Paychex online."
What Goes Around Comes Around

New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Karen Rubin Photography

Denver, CO

"What a relief! This software is incredibly easy and it is exactly what we have been needing. Thank you!"
Macworld Magazine

"Simple setup, excellent export options, and centralized management make Virtual TimeClock a time clock solution without parallel."
University of Hartford

West Hartford, CT

Virtual TimeClock user
Jax Mercantile Co.

Fort Collins, CO

Virtual TimeClock user
University of California San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Aaron M. Shearman, DDS, PLLC

Butte, US

"Makes keeping track of employees, vacation hours, and payroll a breeze!"
University of Maryland

Baltimore, MD

Virtual TimeClock user
Angela's Flowers

Ojai, CA

"An easy to use, and affordable payroll system."
ABVI / Camelot Inn

Fairview Heights, IL

"Virtual Time Clock has made running my small business so much easier. I can keep track much more accurately of employee hours and print out the reports I need very easily. I love it! Best purchase I have made all month."
DeltaQuest Imaging, Inc.

Forest Park, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
Heavenly Veggies

Barrigada, Guam

"Very clean, user-friendly, and attractive interface. Reports are easy to read. Great technical support. Immediate response and friendly."
Massage 1

Las Vegas, NV

"Virtual TimeClock is a great piece of software that allows us to easily track our massage therapists' schedules as well as which therapy rooms are in use. I highly recommend this product and love the no subscription model. Thank you Redcort for providing this high quality software at an affordable price."
Butchart Orthodontics

Palm Harbor, FL

"I reveiwed several timeclock softwares for my office. Virtual timeclock was by far the easiest to use. Set it up in minutes with no training."
Cedar Valley Endodontics

Waterloo, IA

"Working great and a time saver!"
Pope Auto Worx, LLC

West Allis, WI

"Virtual TimeClock is a very user friendly system with complete reports at a great value!"
RPC Manufacturing Solutions

Broomfield, USA

"Several people in our organization use Virtual TimeClock to track / manage activities and times for job costing. We've been very happy with the software. We also upgraded from Basic to the Network Edition over a year ago. The transition was smooth and the software has been easy to manage. Thanks Redcort!"
Next Level Motoring

Chatsworth, CA

"After comparing various time clock solutions, we found Redcort Virtual Time Clock software to be the most user friendly. It's a breeze to use both for our staff and administrators."
Insect IQ Pest Control Service

Modesto, CA

"Great value! This software solved the problems we were having with manual time cards and ensuring their accuracy. I love this software. It has made my life as a business owner so much easier!"
Optimeyes Optometry

Allen, TX

"I've researched a lot of Mac based Time clocks. This one is the most user friendly for the employees and managers. I like the free trial so we could see if we liked it or not. I went ahead and purchased before trial period was over. Awesome software!"
Minzner and Co.

Easton, PA

"Virtual TimeClock has been a great tool for my business. I'm no longer burdened with manually adding up employee hours. The beauty of Virtual TimeClock is its simplicity and that it has had the ability to grow with my business from 6 employees to almost 30. Redcort Software offers great customer service and support."
Tulane University

New Orleans, LA

Virtual TimeClock user
Wisconsin Financial Services, LLC

Madison, WI

"Great product! The system allows our employees to clock in securely with a pin, keeps track of their weekly hours, and cuts down on time spent doing payroll. It works fast, and is very easy to use!"
Jeffrey K. Feinfield, MD, FACS

Thousand Oaks, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is a fantastic program. Works flawlessly."
Diane A. McKay, Psy.D., PA / The Leading Advantage

Sarasota, FL

"Our entire staff loves this user-friendly program. It makes a world of difference in assuring accuracy in processing our time sheets and payroll. It also helps us toward our goal of going paperless."
Coastal Printing & Graphics, Inc.

Ocean View, DE

Virtual TimeClock user
DeBuck's Sod Farm, Inc.

Davison, USA

"I chose the Virtual TimeClock software due to its ability to integrate with AccountEdge and after using it not only am I impressed with its ease of use and reporting features, but my employees are also very happy with the accessibility and ease that they can see their status and hours."
New York Marketing

Buffalo, United States

"Virtual TimeClock works perfectly for our team. It has a simple-to-use interface, making it quick and easy for our staff. I would recommend this software to any business."
City Creatures Animal Hospital

Buffalo, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Matthew Ryan, DDS

Sacramento, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is simple and elegant, consistent with the Mac OS. It has been easily adopted by staff and payroll accuracy has been instantly improved over paper record keeping."
Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging

Tustin, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Madison Studios

Madison, GA

"We were managing our own time on paper, and we were starting to lose track of how many hours we were actually working. We researched multiple options before making our choice, and Virtual TimeClock was on the top. Thanks for the great software."
Wine Country Balloons

Sonoma, CA

"Very helpful program that truly makes life simpler for our payroll staff, particularly when we need to sort out who worked when and what for. Good job Redcort!"
Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, FL

"We were looking for some software that could track time on the computer and give us a report of everyone's hours instead of manually calculating it every pay period. This software does that and more. It can also track how much time a person spends on a project, and we have so many projects individuals work on and need to account their hours for. This software is easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to pull reports from. The customer service is impeccable as well. We're extremely happy we made the transition to VTC."
PowerHouse Printers

San Diego, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Park Place Motors

Carmel, IN

"Very good product. Virtual TimeClock is easy to use and operates exactly as advertised. I would highly recommend. Reports are great and very helpful."
Stringert Orthodontics

Pueblo, CO

Virtual TimeClock user
Vetnique Labs LLC

Lisle, IL

"Great product, easy to use, and a great value! Very happy that we chose Redcort Software."
Los Gatos Dentist

Los Gatos, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
George Mason University

Fairfax, VA

Virtual TimeClock user

San Diego, CA

"Easy to use!"
Leavenworth Travel

Leavenworth, KS

"After reviewing various time clock programs we found Virtual TimeClock to be the most user friendly."
Cypress Ridge Golf Course

Arroyo Grande, CA

"Redcort's Virtual TimeClock software enables us to bring all our different department's timecards together, making payroll a lot easier. Department heads now spend a fraction of the time getting timecards out for payroll."
Lighthouse Fellowship

Fort Worth, TX

"We had a different software time clock that was slow and difficult to use. So I went looking for one that would help streamline the payroll process and integrate with QuickBooks. Virtual TimeClock has been excellent. We use it for the church and the school. A few times when I've made a goof, customer support has been fantastic helping me out. Thanks for a great product and great support."
American River College

Sacramento, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is the perfect solution for us to track the hours that each of our 200+ students spend working in our music labs and recording studios each semester."
Brain Balance of Chesterfield

Chesterfield, MO

"Redcort Virtual Time Clock has streamlined the system for our employees and made tracking hours easier and faster. It has been a great improvement for us and the customer service has been second-to-none. I highly recommend it."
Macworld Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock is very easy to set up, requiring little more than a company name and a location for your time clock database... I had the server up and running and the client installed on two Macs and a Windows computer in less than 10 minutes."
Dutch John Resort

Dutch John, UT

"Great time clock software!"
Founders Park Dentistry

Springdale, AR

Virtual TimeClock user
Hemet West Dental Office

Hemet, CA

"Our practice has been using Virtual Time Clock since 1999 without a hitch. It simplifies our time keeping and payroll functions. I love how each team member's computer can be their own time clock. It just works as advertised."
University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA

Virtual TimeClock user
Healthcare Inspirations

Sacramento, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Frog Publications, Inc

San Antonio, FL

"We have used Virtual TimeClock forever and love it."
Suzanne M. Fabrizio, O.D.

Whittier, CA

"Just opened my new office and began using Virtual Time Clock for my employees. It is fast and easy and I am so glad it adds up the employee hours for me for each pay period! I used to do it by hand on a time card."
Stephen F. Austin State University

Nacogdoches, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Arkansas Spine & Joint Pain Clinic

Hot Springs, AR

Virtual TimeClock user
Omega Printing

Irvine, TX

"We have been using Virtual TimeClock since 2004 and it has made the whole process very efficient."
Oppenheim Research

Tallahassee, FL

"Virtual TimeClock is simple setup, excellent export options, and centralized management make Virtual TimeClock a time clock solution without parallel. Whether you’re using Macs, PCs, or both, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy for your employees to punch in on time so they can get down to business and you can get them paid. I would recommend it to others."
Montclair State University

Montclair, NJ

Virtual TimeClock user
Mountain Graphics

Wellsboro, PA

"What a great product! Download was easy and works flawlessly on our network….it'll pay for itself in no time."
Criacom - Comunicação e Imagem Lda

Luanda, Angola

Virtual TimeClock user
Carol Stream Dental Associates

Carol Stream, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center, Inc.

Pasadena, CA

"This software is simple to install, train and use. It replaced a system of filling out timecards by hand. Our employees had trouble remembering to use it at first. It took about three weeks until they consistently remembered to clock in and out. No problems since then."
Bronner Brothers Inc

Atlanta, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Josef Samuel Studios, Inc.

South Bend, IN

"Virtual TimeClock has a great and simple interface. I was up and running in five minutes!"
Carolina Portable Storage, LLC

Raleigh, NC

"Virtual TimeClock includes all the features we needed plus many we wanted at a fraction of the cost of other computer based timeclock solutions out there!"
Crystal Rhinestone Boutique LLC

Tucson, AZ

"Absolutely LOVE this software! My only suggestion would be get the upgrade & don't even waste your time on the trial! We used the trial & there was no need, it works like a charm, easy to use & works well with my payroll system!"
Great Hills Eye Care

Austin, TX

"Virtual time clock is a real time saver and makes managing employee hours easy. Highly recommended!"
Highlands Decorating Center

Highlands, NC

"This software is easy to use and works great across a VPN network for multiple locations. Support is excellent."
Richard Chan Orthodontics

Bothell & Monroe, WA

Virtual TimeClock user
Wayne State University

Detroit, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Bradfield's Inc

Peoria, IL

"Works great. New user. Can't wait to take advantage of all aspects of the software."
Macworld Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock Pro offers compelling time tracking options for small and large business users alike."
Family Eye Care of Apex

Apex, NC

Virtual TimeClock user
Plaistow Kingston Animal Medical Center

Kingston, NH

Virtual TimeClock user
MacLife Magazine

"From an employee’s perspective, using Virtual TimeClock could hardly be simpler."
ABC Animal & Bird Clinic

Sugar Land, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Kent's Service Station Inc.

Milford, NH

"Great easy to use software for time keeping and payroll."
Hill Threaded Products Inc.

Bakersfield, USA

"Such an easy to use software and great support! Thanks for the excellent product."
Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital

Orland, CA

"The timecard software is very easy to use and can be accessed remotely, which is very useful."
Humphries Orthodontics

Orange & Artesia, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Lowe & Sons Hauling

Ambler, PA

"I just started using Virtual TimeClock a few months ago. It has saved me at least a couple of hours each time when I process payroll. It was very easy from the very start. Since all the computers we use are Mac, Virtual TimeClock was a perfect fit."
Lesley University

Cambridge, MA

Virtual TimeClock user
Rainmaker Irrigation, Inc.

Marietta, GA

"When looking for timeclock software, we were grateful for the trial period extended by Redcort. The ease of installation and use was what sold us on the software."
Torrance Office Center

Torrance, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is absolutely a great product! The system is affordable for any business owner to purchase and easy to use by employees. The tracking system is also very efficient. Processing payroll has never been this easy."
Clemson University

Clemson, SC

Virtual TimeClock user
Lasting Smile Dental Clinics

Torrance, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is great software and a great solution. Thanks a lot Redcort!"
New Mexico Gynecology Consultants

Albuquerque, NM

"Virtual TimeClock is a better way to track and report employee hours worked."
360 Insurance - Semon Agency

Shreveport, LA

"We have been using the product for a few years with no problems at all. We even had a computer crash that the program was running on and called support and they walked us through setting it back up and recovering our data."
CSU Channel Islands

Camarillo, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Playground Warehouse

Los Angeles & San Diego, CA / Las Vegas, NV

"Huge benefit in cutting your administrative calculating time for hourly employees. Separate overtime calculations for daily and weekly hours is a big plus. Just wish we would have found Virtual TimeClock sooner."
Advanced Eyecare Center

Green Bay, WI

"We've been using the Virtual TimeClock for over 6 years now and couldn't be happier!"
Label Land LLC

Lakewood, NJ

"Using the Redcort Time Clock System has been a tremendous help for our business. The team at really appreciate your great product!"
MR Direct Sinks & Faucets

Toledo, OH

"Great software! We incorporated RFID Scanners so our employees simply swipe their fobs to clock in. Easy peasy."
Johnson Chiropractic Medical Center

Venice, FL

"I found Virtual TimeClock to be exactly what we needed. Easy to implement and use. The staff is very happy with the new system and the payroll department is thrilled. The reports are very useful and can be modified if necessary. Thanks to Redcort Software for doing such a great job!"
Back and Neck Pain Centers

Renton-Kent, Skyway, Seattle & Bellevue, WA

"We purchased Virtual TimeClock network version for our four clinics. It has streamlined our ability to manage our employee's work hour reporting. Thanks Redcort!"

"Anyone who's had to (learn and teach employees to use software) in an actual small business can appreciate Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition's simple-saves-money philosophy."
Mokris Orthodontics

Fort Mill, SC

"We love this program! When I opened my practice, I started with the Basic version of TimeClock. As we've grown in size and staff, I upgraded to the Network Edition and have been very pleased. Not a single problem, great support. It's a no-brainer. It is also very easy for the staff and makes payroll a seamless process. I would highly recommend it."
Wasteland Clothing

San Francisco, Burbank, Los Angeles & Santa Monica, CA

"Feedback has all been nothing but extreme jubilation that we have Virtual TimeClock and that it's so user friendly."
West York Ambulance, Inc.

York, PA

Virtual TimeClock user
Old City Millwork, Inc.

Memphis, TN

"Virtual TimeClock Network Edition keeps everyone in our organization accounted for across multiple shop locations. We rely on it daily to track project costing and help us reach our manufacturing goals. With Virtual TimeClock's ability to export data to Paychex, payroll is a snap. Thanks Redcort."
Town and Country Pet Center

Loveland, CO

"We tried out Virtual TimeClock Basic and decided to purchase the Pro edition. We are happy with the software."
Archival Methods

Henrietta, NY

"We have been using Redcort Software for time keeping for the past several years. We recently upgraded to the Network Edition and we are very happy with the ease of installing and the simplicity of the overall software. Keep up the great work!"
PC Advisor UK

"Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 offers easy setup and very good time logging features."
Passion Bakery LLC

Kapaa, HI

"Your company has successfully supported my business in every instant for which we needed help. We love your support and your software. One of the scariest moments was when my Mac crashed, you helped me get back up without a fuss. Then when we recently moved from Mac to PC again you were there for us. Thank you Redcort!"
Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Virtual TimeClock user
United Commercial Insurance, LLC

Boise, ID

"Virtual TimeClock has been a great product for our company. Very reliable and removes some of the problems in employee hour tracking."
University of Northern Colorado

Greeley, CO

Virtual TimeClock user
Weber Made LLC

Fenton, MO

"Great, easy to use and efficient software!"
AmBari Nutrition

Avon Lake, OH

"I originally bought a physical timeclock for my employees, but got too frustrated with setting it up so I decided to try this Virtual TimeClock. Very simple to set up and use. I keep it running in our breakroom on an extra junky computer we had laying around. Love it so far!"
Print & Sign Express

Casa Grande, AZ

"Purchased Virtual TimeClock to eliminate employee handwritten time sheets and to automate process of importing employee hours directly into CheckMark Payroll. The entire process went very smoothly and I accomplished my goal with little effort."
Palermo Eye Care

Arlington Heights, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
88 Finch East Dental Centre

North York, Canada

Virtual TimeClock user
MacLife Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock manages to put a simple interface on a very flexible and powerful reporting engine—a very difficult and frequently under appreciated feat."
Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Herron Printing & Graphics

Gaithersburg, MD

"We have been using Virtual Time Clock for several years. It is accurate and easy to use."
Triangle Segway

Raleigh, NC

"Virtual TimeClock is a wonderful solution for the small business! Our tour guides love the ease of keeping their hours straight."
Columbia Southern University

Orange Beach, AL

Virtual TimeClock user
Brink's Market

Chisago City, USA

"The software does everything we need and more. Great bonus that it handles paid and unpaid breaks. Virtual Timeclock is a very reasonably priced solution for keeping track of employees time cards. Thanks!"
Eye MD on Cass

Monterey, CA

"We are a busy practice with 12 employees working at two different locations. Payroll has always been a time consuming job with manual punch-cards. Virtual TimeClock is a real timesaver and it eliminates errors. The Staff is also happy because it is easy to clock in at either location and they can rely on its accuracy. It is definitely worth it!"
Greenville Public Library

Smithfield, RI

Virtual TimeClock user
Zipper Urogynecology Associates

Melbourne, FL

Virtual TimeClock user
White Rock Orthodontics

Dallas, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
L A S Freight Services

Las Vegas, NV

"After years of spending 2 to 3 hours entering employee hours onto a spread sheet for payroll calculations, it now only takes minutes. Great product!"
Immersive Display Solutions, Inc.

Kennesaw, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
Transcontinental Media Gp.

Montréal, Canada

"Great software !!"

Wien, Austria

"We've started VirtualTimeClock-Server with a Mac mini and a MIMO touchscreen as Log-client at the entrance and have full features on our fingertips thanks to the server solution. Can't imagine anything more clever than this."
Due Maternity

Santa Barbara & San Francisco, CA / Austin, TX / Atlanta, GA

"Due Maternity loves Virtual Time Clock by Redcort Software, Working in the fast paced world of retail and eCommerce we needed a solution to easily track our employees hours so we could focus on designing cute maternity clothes."
Israel Puterman DMD MSD, LLC

Chevy Chase, MD

Virtual TimeClock user
Vend Service, Inc.

Rome, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
Textsmart College Bookstore

Birmingham, AL

Virtual TimeClock user
Darmitzel Orthodontics

Santa Fe, NM

Virtual TimeClock user
North Wing

East Wenatchee, WA

"What a time saver! For the cost replacing our very old manual time clock we now have a sophisticated software application which does so much more. Both office staff and employees are thrilled with the ease of use and the reports and information available at each level of access."
Long Beach City College

Long Beach, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Fesler Orthodontics

Murphy, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Lakeway Orthodontics

Austin, TX

"Very intuitive and easy to use. Reporting and tracking available vacation is really useful! My employees love the messaging system."
Bandeen Orthodontics

Battle Creek, MI

"Your time clock software has been a phenomenal asset to my business, simplifying management of my staff with an easy to use interface."
DK Trading LA

Los Angeles, CA

"Great Product! It has everything we need and it saves us a lot of time and effort."
University of California Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA

Virtual TimeClock user

Knoxville, TN

Virtual TimeClock user
Family Practice Associates

Allen, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Best Western General Nelson Inn

Bardstown, KY

"Virtual TimeClock is just what I needed to upgrade from a manual punch clock. The ease of uploading it to payroll, WOW."
The Hamilton Co.

Santa Barbara, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
DeKalb Technical College

Clarkson, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
Graphic Technologies, Inc.

Omaha, NE

Virtual TimeClock user

Fayetteville, AR

"A great way for us to keep an honest track of time spent and save our small business a little bit of money while being fair to employees. Easy to set up, use and export data."
ES Safety & Security

Wyoming, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Resource Well Completion Technologies Inc.

Calgary, Canada

Virtual TimeClock user
James Blake, D.D.S

Seal Beach, CA

"Great software and support. I would highly recommend this to fellow Mac users."
Prairie Potato Company

Rice, MN

"Awesome software, exactly what we needed to track time for our 30 agricultural employees. The employees like to quickly be able to see who is on the clock. Easy to use, stable, very good product!"

Phoenix, AZ

Virtual TimeClock user
Impressive Smiles

Arlington Heights, IL

"The time clock software is simple, intuitive and easy to use. We use Mac's in our office and Virtual TimeClock matches the simplicity and ease of use of all our Apple products. I would recommend this to other dental offices using Mac systems."
SPH Welding and Fabrication Inc.

Ontario, Canada

"Virtual TimeClock is a great help! No more counting hours and minutes. Very happy with it."
UC Riverside

Riverside, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Natural State Clinic of Chiropractic

Conway, AR

"I looked at several programs and many had more features but none were as simple and provided just what I was looking for... works well and provides a nice report."
VH Technologies Ltd

Lynnwood, WA

"Great product! Easy to use and understand; we only have one person who must clock in/out, but when we get more, we'll definitely use the next version. Awesome!!"
Designer Furniture Gallery

St. George, USA

"Great software, great company. We're a small to medium retail store with 2 locations and the network application is simple and essential to our time clock needs!"
University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc.

Palm Harbor, FL

"Our objective was to track our maintenance to each aircraft that we manage and operate and the Virtual Time Clock software allowed us to track which mechanics worked on which aircraft. This gave us better cost control for each aircraft and also we could identify who was working on the aircraft for the variety of maintenance tasks performed. It has proven to be exceptional and very cost effective for our company."
Diamond View Studios

Tampa, FL

"This product is an absolute must for any business! They have been great for us."
MC Television Inc

Orlando, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Michael King Orthodontics

Chanhassen, MN

Virtual TimeClock user
Custom Cable Connection

Farmers Branch, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Lehigh University

Bethlehem, PA

Virtual TimeClock user
Great Northern Printing Inc.

Kalispell, US

"We have been Virtual TimeClock users since 2005. We just now upgraded and the customer service was just as good if not better than when we first signed up. I remember that part of the transaction more than I remember the price we paid which was a great deal in the first place. This is the only time clock software we will use."
Cornerstone Orthodontics

Hays, KS

"We have been pleased with the reports we are able to run and the ease of using Virtual TimeClock software!"
Chiropractic Health Center of Bristol

Bristol, CT

"Fantastic time clock program. We tested it for a couple of weeks and realized nothing can be simpler and easier to use. Fair price and great product."
Allen Reproductive Center

Mckinney, USA

Virtual TimeClock user
Macworld Magazine

"Whether you’re using Macs, PCs, or both, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy for your employees to punch in on time so they can get down to business and you can get them paid."
The Elk City Daily News

Elk City, OK

"We were so out of date with a manual punchcard system that was barely legible. Virtual TimeClock saves us 4 hours / month just in not having to calculate hours!"
Walsingham Academy

Williamsburg, VA

Virtual TimeClock user
Data Medics

Cranston, US

"So much easier than our last software. I don't use the reports feature too much (we're a small company) but it appears very full featured for mid to larger companies who need to spend more time analyzing that sort of thing. I really like the job/activity tracking features. That has really helped us get a handle on which cases we're over/underestimating costs on. That's been indispensable for revising our pricing to keep on target with our pricing goals."
Cape Pediatric Dental Associates, PC

Harwich Center, MA

Virtual TimeClock user
Michael R. Denning, D.D.S.

Shippensburg, PA

"We just started with the Virtual TimeClock a month ago. The employees were very skeptical about using the computer for their time card. After using the software for a month, no one wants to use a time card anymore. It has saved me at least a couple of hours each time I process payroll. It was very easy from the very start. It works as intuitive as all the Mac products we use in the office."
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery

Beverly Hills, CA

"I am the resource for our practice management software company and they refer doctors to us for deployment of paperless offices. I plug your Virtual TimeClock product shamelessly!"
Lieblang Leather

Delafield, WI

Virtual TimeClock user
Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

Virtual TimeClock user
Berkshire Hills Golf Course

Chesterland, OH

Virtual TimeClock user
Legends Printing & Graphics

Dodge City, KS

"We have been using Virtual TimeClock for a few years now. We think it is a great system that is very helpful and user friendly."
Associated Podiatrists of Roslyn

Roslyn, NY

"The Virtual TimeClock Pro is great. It's easy to use and understand. Tech support is very good also."
Arkansas City Public Library

Arkansas City, KS

Virtual TimeClock user
True Value Hardware

Placerville & Penn Valley, CA

"Great product. Love the versatility and we use the same server at both stores."
Maison d'Etre

Oakland, CA

"We've been using Virtual TimeClock for years. The new upgrade is better than ever. Great tech support. All around best service for a Time clock solution."
University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

"Virtual TimeClock is great software, but the customer and tech support are what make this a TERRIFIC company and product."
Cobb Dental Specialists, Inc.

Marietta, GA

"Working well, does it all."
King Orthodontics

Arlington, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Premier Mini Storage

Murray, KY

"Virtual Time Clock is very user friendly, accurate and easy to use."
Advanced Family Health, PLLC

Louisville, CO

"Virtual TimeClock is a reasonably priced, highly functional and intuitive software that helps small business owners like myself focus on the million other things required to run a business."


Virtual TimeClock user

Eugene, OR

"We spent a lot of time reviewing and trying out different time clock software systems. After much consideration the decision was quite easy. Virtual TimeClock was above and beyond superior. We really like the timecard reporting features. Customer service is easy to reach over the phone as well. We are very happy with our final decision. Thanks again!"
Karters' Korner

Ottawa, Canada

"With over 40 employees, this user friendly program saved the day."
Brett Garrett DMD, MS

Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Contemporary Communications, Inc.

Granbury, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Steinbach Dental

Brookfield, WI

"Virtual TimeClock was simple to setup, configure, and use! I looked at a lot of different options and Virtual TimeClock was the only reasonably priced option that had the robust functionality I wanted and ability to export my data to QuickBooks! Great product and friendly support."
North American Graphics

Warren, MI

"This is a well-designed and very intuitive program. Does what it promises, and the company provides great customer service."
East Texas Physical Therapy, PLLC

Sulphur Springs, TX

"We are a family owned and operated business. As our payroll grew so did the time to figure hours, copy time sheets, etc. With this software I save time and it is easy. Also we can hear and see the employees time in which takes away the guess work of was the right time written down. The list goes on. We love the new virtual time clock, because it just takes a click!"
Nash Orthodontics

Mount Pleasant, SC

Virtual TimeClock user
Sochem Solutions, Inc.

Gonzales, LA

"Virtual Time Clock works on anything. We have a Microsoft Server and Mac and PC work stations. The easiest installation and most user friendly product I have seen."
Ultimate Shade Alternatives

Tempe, USA

"We have been using an earlier version of Virtual TimeClock for the past 4 years. Because of the great up-time and ease of use we have just upgraded to the latest version."
Pryco Sleep Diagnostics

Fort Worth, TX

"It's helped our business tremendously by organizing our employee schedules, providing invaluable reports and identifying trends. Has saved us money, time and frustration."
IPM Lithographics Inc.

San Diego, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Nagle Warren Mansion B&B

Cheyenne, WY

Virtual TimeClock user
Oberlin College

Oberlin, OH

Virtual TimeClock user
Forward Printing

Oakland, CA

"We are a mid sized print company and Virtual Time Clock software is a big help in reducing the admin time associated with payroll."
Elite Orthodontics

Bowie, MD

"Awesome! Very easy to use."
Hometown Eye Care

Lake In The Hills, IL

"Virtual Timeclock takes the hassle out of keeping track of my employee's hours."
Scottsdale Cat Clinic

Scottsdale, AZ

Virtual TimeClock user
Tampa Print Services, Inc

Tampa, US

"My old timeclock program had several problems that Virtual Time Clock solves. Employees would think they clocked in or out, but it didnt take, making work for me to fix it. With the password, which can be very short and simple, I know that they know they are clocking in or out. I love that they can approve their time card online and even send me a message if they need a correction. This avoids little pieces of paper with notes about missed clock ins. But the best is the integration with my payroll program."
Texarkana Eye Associates

Texarkana, TX

"Very user friendly, especially for multiple office locations!"

Auburn Hills, MI

"Excellent solution for small business timeclock! Easy to install and use with the added benefit of remoting in with the network edition. Thanks for your support as well!"
Binacorp Inc. Home Theatre and Automation

La Jolla, CA

"So far so good! We've only been using Virtual Time Clock for a week but all our employees love it. It's great that they can see their timecards, vacation and sick accrual on their own."

West Los Angeles, USA

"We are big fans of VTC. We have been using the system for over 10 years now. No more paper time cards for hourly or salary employees. Everyone can log in and out directly on his/her computer station. And at a glance anyone can see if someone is in the office. Love it!"
Macworld Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock is a stellar time clock application."
Ammar International Inc.

Edmonton, Canada

"Redcort Software has helped us manage our employees and makes integration seamless with our accounting team. Great support, great software, and a solid investment....Thanks Redcort!"
San Antonio College

San Antonio, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK

"Virtual TimeClock is helpful for reducing paperwork for more paper timecards."
A & R Truck Equipment

Chamberlain, SD

"After many years of old school time clock punching, we updated to the Virtual Time Clock. Even our employees with NO COMPUTER experience have found this to be a very easy & common sense approach to time keeping. I can't say enough good things about how this software simplifies so many of our reports & tracking of jobs & employees. And the customer service, when we have questions, is the best!!! We are VERY HAPPY with our Virtual Time Clock."

"Virtual TimeClock customers can save time and eliminate data entry errors with time clock to payroll integration since they don't have to manually enter employees' payroll hours."
Rush Videos

South Bend, IN

"I am glad we found Virtual Time Clock, not only has it made keeping up with employee's time easier but is flawless in use. Very easy time clock software to use and a must have for any business."
DJP Pens

Oakland, FL

Virtual TimeClock user
MilleStone Marble & Tile, Inc.

Thousand Palms, US

"A simple way keep time for our employees. Everyone finds it easy to use and it was super easy to get up and running. We don't use all the features but it is a cost effective way to do payroll. The help center is fabulous and recently walked me through moving from an old computer to a new one."
Xanatek, Inc

South Bend, IN

Virtual TimeClock user
Barrhaven Orthodontics & Periodontics

Nepean, Canada

Virtual TimeClock user
Seybert's Billiard Supply

Coldwater, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Blue Ridge Animal Hospital Inc.

Black Mountain, NC

"Virtual TimeClock has allowed me to keep track of my employee hours: regular, overtime and vacation. Before Virtual TimeClock I had to do it all by hand. I don't know what I would do without this program!"
Vintages Wine

Fort Collins, CO

"The Virtual TimeClock is a great and easy to use software time clock management program. We use it at our store and our production facility. The ability to have remote locations and still control it from a master computer is exactly what we need."
Enid Public Library

Enid, OK

"I used Virtual TimeClock at my last library and purchased it again because I think it is a great program. Our city will be moving to electronic timekeeping and this way my staff can practice ahead of time and I can move forward with time management initiatives right away."
Carmel Medical

Carmel, CA

"James W. Michel, MD and his employees are happy using Virtual TimeClock."
Fort Lee Animal Clinic

Fort Lee, NJ

"Great software, easy to use and very helpful support staff."
Grant Insurance

Westerville, OH

"This is a great product and helps us track the time of our employees and make sure our relaxed work environment is not taken advantage of."
Brazecom Industries, LLC

Weare, NH

"Virtual TimeClock is easy to use and the customer support is friendly and knowledgeable. Great program!"
Level 2 Industries LLC

San Francisco, CA

"I have been patiently waiting 10 years for someone to figure out the perfect software time clock solution. Virtual TimeClock finally did it! Works perfectly and they have thought everything through to the smallest detail. We are very excited to finally have a solution like this and the customer service is amazing as well. Thank you so much for finally making a time clock software package that makes sense."
Paumanok Veterinary Hospital

Patchogue, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Browns Ice Cream

York Beach, ME

"Virtual Time Clock works great with 40+ employees. It's quick and simple to use."

Lambertville, MI

"Fantastic program for any business that has employees!!! This program has been a great asset to our company, we can now track our employees' hours at any time and print professional looking reports just like any other payroll company. The export function on Virtual Time Clock has streamlined our payroll process and has made data entry by hand obsolete, while providing assurance to our employees' that their time matters to us."
Family Vision Therapy, PC

Aurora, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
Kevin A. Brucker, D.M.D., P.C.

Gibson City, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
Game Set Match, Inc.

Centennial, CO

"Redcort's time clock services are really easy to use both for the employee and for myself as the administrator. We even use it at two locations, and everything syncs up perfectly. I'd recommend this product to anyone!"
University Camera

Iowa City, IA

Virtual TimeClock user
Washington Endocrine Clinic

Washington, DC

"Virtual TimeClock was a life saver in terms of keeping employees accountable."
The Divine Cupcake

Eugene, OR

Virtual TimeClock user
Frost Family Pet Clinic

Loves Park, IL

"Virtual TimeClock sure makes it easy day-to-day and I really appreciate the way it will monitor employee leave. Vacation time....let's just say it's been a point of contention in the past but now it's easy to track it and provide a detailed report of the hours. Thanks guys!"
Berkeley Veterinary Center

Bayville, NJ

Virtual TimeClock user
Burstein Orthodontics

Marietta & Alpharetta, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
MacLife Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock ’10 Pro Edition contains everything a small- to mid-sized company needs to track workers and time-dependent benefits."
Tom Barrett Optical Inc.

Dallas, TX

"We replaced a 25 year old ailing manual clock with Redcort's Virtual TimeClock and now look forward to processing payroll!"
Conway Institute of Music LLC

Conway, AR

"Awesome software! We love the simplicity and would recommend to everyone!"
Cheat Lake Animal Hospital

Morgantown, WV

"We used to use an old database program with barcode timecards. Lots of tedious work to make changes/corrections. Virtual Timeclock has made my life so much easier!"
University of Denver

Denver, CO

Virtual TimeClock user
D. Becker Photo

Newton, USA

"Great so far, easy download!"
Andrews Orthodontics

Butte, MT

"Redcort Software has dramatically improved the efficiency of my practice. It is now a breeze to run payroll and manage my employees. I wholeheartedly recommend this software to any business looking to increase their productivity!"
Jeff's Auto Works

Atascadero, US

Virtual TimeClock user

Los Angeles, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
World Precision Instruments, Inc.

Sarasota, FL

"We have been using Virtual TimeClock for 3 years now and love the simplicity of it. It was easy to train the employees how to use it. Virtual TimeClock has made doing payroll much easier."
Jason Ware Imagery, LLC

Los Angeles, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Redmond Auto Service, LLC

Redmond, OR

"Love how easy it is for the guys to use. Reports are nice and clear."
University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI

Virtual TimeClock user
Maret Insurance

North Bergen, NJ

"Our Company has been using Virtual Time Clock since 2004 without a problem. It simplifies our time keeping and payroll functions. I love how each team member's computer can be their own time clock. It just works as advertised."

Chester Springs, PA

Virtual TimeClock user
Kazemi Center for Oral and Facial Enhancement

Bethesda, MD

Virtual TimeClock user
Davenport Tractor Inc.

Davenport, IA

"Time clock software that works well at a good price point for our John Deere Parts business. Davenport Tractor sells Deere parts catalogs, Deere Operators manuals, and Deere Service manuals."
Miami University

Oxford, OH

Virtual TimeClock user
Hotel Rose Garden

San Jose, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Roomraider SG

Singapore, Singapore

"Virtual TimeClock is great for managing employee hours and shifts!"
Print It! / Sign Media

Hood River, OR

"I was looking for a Time Clock and came accross Virtual Time Clock. It is very easy to setup and the employees have been very receptive to it. It imports into my Payroll program and saves me a lot of time!"
Automotive Advantage

Oakwood Village, OH

Virtual TimeClock user
i heart eating

Springfield, MO

"I really like the virtual clock! I am a blogger, and I provide social media marketing services. The virtual time clock makes it really easy for me to jump back and forth between my work, and my client's work while keeping track of my hours."
Yu Jump

Palm Bay, Brevard

Virtual TimeClock user
Creative Printing & Design

Hollister, MO

Virtual TimeClock user
Florida Comprehensive Epilepsy & Seizure Disorder Center

Tampa, FL

"Wonderfully easy to use and great customer support."
Pip Printing and Marketing Services

Moreno Valley, CA

"We have been using Virtual Timeclock for 10 years or more. It is very easy and convenient."
Railyard Hobbies

Elverson, PA

"Expanding store and needed a simple and easy to use time clock. This fit the bill perfectly. No punch cards. Employees just key password and check in. Set-up couldn't have been easier."
Homespun: Modern Handmade

Indianapolis, IN

"Virtual TimeClock has made running my small business so much easier. I can keep track much more accurately of employee hours and print out the reports I need very easily. I love it! Best purchase I have made all month."
Macworld Magazine

"Virtual TimeClock ‘10 offers both small and large businesses a powerful tool for collecting employee’s time information using existing computer hardware and without requiring companies to invest in hardware-based time clock systems."
S&K Label

Bloomingdale, IL

"Virtual TimeClock is great. It has saved us the time and hassle of calculating time cards by hand. We recommend it to anyone."
Dr. Ralph Orthodontics

Spokane, WA

"Thank you for providing a clean, easy to use time clock that really has it all!"
University of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Virtual TimeClock user
University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

Virtual TimeClock user
Vroman Orthodontics, P.C.

Moline, IL

"We have just started using Virtual TimeClock for our employee time management system. It is much more intuitive and simple to use for the employees than other systems we have considered. The reports save me time when communicating with our CPA payroll service."
Nova Family Dentistry

Holly Hill, FL

"I am very happy with Virtual TimeClock software. It is very easy to use and does everything I need!"
Lighthouse Printing

Saint Michael, MN

"We are a small company and Virtual TimeClock works perfect for us. Easy to use for the employee and gives accounting everything they need."
Fitness 2000

North Richland Hills, TX

"Virtual TimeClock is a fantastic tool for reducing unnecessary work for payroll."
Sonoma State University Library

Rohnert Park, CA

"Redcort's Virtual TimeClock software has been very helpful and has both increased timecard accuracy and decreased the amount of time necessary for payroll processing prior to submitting to campus."
Koglin Orthodontics

Newburyport, MA

"I have just become a Mac user and I found Virtual Time Clock to be the best program of all I looked at - very effective and simple to use."
Franklin & Marshall College

Lancaster, PA

Virtual TimeClock user
UNITY Community Center

Normal, IL

"We are an Out of School Time program that uses time clock for our volunteers. Virtual TimeClock has helped us become more efficient as a non-profit organization. We love it!"
Union Eye Works

Unionville, CT

"I am now running Virtual TimeClock in all of my offices and I especialy like the ease of use and reliability."
Digital Print Australia

Adelaide, Australia

"Virtual TimeClock has given us large improvements in worker productivity."
Francisco Cortina Design

Gothenburg, Sweden

"TimeClock is a great tool that is very intuitive to use and set-up. It helps us to control our time allocation on different projects, as well as a fair and straightforward way to bill hourly projects. We have been using it successfully for almost three years. Eagerly recommended!"
Diamond Tax Service Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

"Easy to use and very affordable!"
Reznick and Wolf Podiatry

Chelsea, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Bucks Digital Printing

Newtown, PA

"Years ago, while searching for a replacement to our mechanical methods, I came across Virtual TimeClock and have been happy ever since. The product does the job better than others and the support is first-class!"
Graphic Technologies, Inc.

Omaha, NE

"Easy to use with great customer service."
Laser Gyn Institute

Melbourne, FL

Virtual TimeClock user
Westside High School

Wenatchee, WA

"We are using Virtual TimeCock software to clock students into our night and ESL program."
Lou's Income Tax & Bookkeeping


"Easy to use and affordable! I love it. It makes my life easy and I can track what everyone is working on."
MedEx Billing, Inc.

Le Roy, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
N.E.W. Printing

Appleton, WI

"Great software, easy to setup and use. Excellent customer service and support as well."
CPA Practice Advisor

"That’s where Virtual TimeClock fits, providing an easy-to-use and inexpensive time tracking program that works with Windows and Mac computers."
Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Virtual TimeClock user
Signature Flooring Inc.

Merriam, KS

"Redcort Software has helped us manage our employee times much more efficiently than traditional time cards. Been a great help for our company."
Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

"Virtual Timeclock is an awesome program! When I first became the computer lab manager for over 50 college student employees, there was no timeclock in place. Therefore I searched and tried out several programs. I need the software to be easy to follow and not complicated. Redcort's Virtual TimeClock software is very easy to follow. I have used it for more than 10 years now, and would not change for anything! You can easily overview the employees, whether they are at work or not, even if the location is miles away from you. Each version just get better and better. It's great that the software is cross platform compatible -- you can use it on the Macintosh or PC."
Buffalo Lodge

Kingsville, MO

"Easy to use, reasonable price. Intuitive, does not require training to use."

Melbourne, FL

Virtual TimeClock user
Vermont-New Hampshire Veterinary Clinic

East Dummerston, VT

Virtual TimeClock user

"Virtual TimeClock's greatest virtue is that you're in control. And that's a high value virtue."
Bauer Orthodontics

Cottleville, MO

"Wonderful time clock for the Mac!"
Nomadic Expeditions

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Virtual TimeClock user
Hun Machine Works, Inc.

Riverside, NJ

"I would like to thank the Redcort Team for making and supporting a great product. I downloaded upwards of a dozen timeclock demos before I found Virtual TimeClock Pro. Virtual TimeClock has met or surpassed every need and expectation our company was looking for in a time management system. I would recommend Virtual TimeClock without hesitation!"
Dean Fowler Service Station Inc.

Honesdale, USA

Virtual TimeClock user
Aspen Meadow Veterinary Specialists

Longmont, CO

"For 5 years we've been using Virtual TimeClock and very pleased with the convenience, reports, customer support and tech support. Thank you Redcort!"
Advance Printing Company

Fairbanks, AK

Virtual TimeClock user
Colgate University

Hamilton, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Evolve Fit Wear

Portland, OR

"We have been using Virtual Time Clock every day for the past few years. We are a small but quickly growing company and they offer a simple solution to managing employees time and payroll hours. Easy to learn and immediately start implementing. Their customer support is exceptional- thanks guys!"
Western New Mexico University

Silver City, NM

Virtual TimeClock user

Sunnyvale, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Rental Restoration Services

Norfolk, Virginia

"Great software! I was using a monthly subscription service, but the cost just kept coming. I like the idea of paying one fee and owning the program - after just a few months it has paid for itself."
Nellys Taqueria

Hicksville, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Village Plaza Dental

Eugene, OR

"Virtual TimeClock is a very easy to use and comprehensive program."
Black Forest Decor

Enid & Jenks, OK

Virtual TimeClock user
Apex Endodontics, Dr. Richard Gray

Midlothian, VA

Virtual TimeClock user
Keith A. Boenning, DDS LLC

Towson, MD

"Virtual TimeClock is exactly what we were looking for! It is very user friendly and the support is excellent!"
Why Not Advertising, LLC

East Berlin, USA

"We use Apple Computer products at our agency and the mac version of Virtual TimeClock Basic was perfect for our needs. The User-interface is clean and easy to follow and setting up users (employees) was very easy. Thanks!"
H & R Block

Nantucket, MA

"We just received Virtual TimeClock. So far it is simple, it works and easy to set up. Very happy with the product and all the things it can do!!"
Swoosh Technologies & Solutions LLC

Chesterfield, MO

"The TimeClock software has helped our team become more accountable and productive. It was a great investment for us."
University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
Rockin Rebel Roost Daycare

Madisonville, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Good Cause Greetings

Springfield, MA

"We're new to Virtual TimeClock [Fall 2015] having purchased it to replace an outdated system. It took only minutes to set up, is easy to use and produces reports exactly as we need them."
Low Ray Co. Inc.

Anderson, SC

"Great for our business. We are just a small company but works fantastic."
Studio Frameworks

Oakland, CA

"The only problems I've ever had with this time clock software were due to operator ignorance! There are REAL HUMAN BEINGS on the other end of the telephone who are courteous and knowledgeable. I enthusiastically endorse Redcort Software."
Phil's Coins

Wichita, KS

"Easy setup, do not have to be an IT Professional to set it up and doesn't require special equipment."

Edison, NJ

"We have been extremely happy with Virtual TimeClock. Employees find it easy to use, and the Reports function is outstanding."
Hight Construction

Minot, US

"Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to edit if necessary. Perfect for us."
River View Campground & Canoe Livery

Sterling, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Party Depot

Springfield, VA

Vassar College

Poughkeepsie, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Cheat Lake Animal Hospital

Morgantown, WV

"Very easy to install server, pro client, and user editions. Employees found it very easy to learn and use."
Hughston Insurance Agency, Inc.

Brownsville, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Hope College

Holland, MI

Virtual TimeClock user

Los Angeles, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Clothes Mentor

Clearwater, FL

Virtual TimeClock user
Allegra Print & Imaging

Sterling, VA

"Virtual Time Clock software is simple yet robust!"

"Yes, it helps you manage time, attendance, and payrolls, but its biggest advantage may be this: it's actually easy enough for the Flintstones to use."
Lone Star Reprographics

San Antonio, TX

"Great program, It has made payroll convenient and they have an Awesome tech support staff."
Rudey Orthodontics

Renton & Burien, WA

Virtual TimeClock user
Kingston Animal Hospital

Kingston, NJ

"Virtual Time Clock Network Edition works and looks great on our Macs!"
Homewood Press Inc.

Toledo, OH

"Works great! Love that Virtual TimeClock makes our payroll process much easier and more efficient."
Medicap Pharmacy #8253

Sylvania, GA

"We have been searching for a time clock program for about 1 year to replace our “honor” system which wasn’t working. After implementing the Virtual TimeClock program we noticed our employees started to come to work on time, limit their breaks and lunches. The program is very easy to use and customize to our specific setting."
Live Oak Brewing Company

Austin, TX

"I searched for about 18 months for Mac compatible time clock software. Virtual TimeClock was the only software that was available. We've been using it for 2 months now and are very pleased with the ease of use and the many flexible functions."
Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH

Virtual TimeClock user
Kelley Orthodontics

Mt. Pleasant, Charleston & Isle of Palms, SC

"I have referred several of my friends to your time clock program, and I know they are enjoying it too!"
Sandifer Orthodontics

Jackson, MS

"We have recently began using Redcort Virtual Time Clock and it's great! Works perfectly and easy to use. We did the trial for 30 days and it was so easy to use we decided to go with it for good!"
Ice Cable Systems

Los Angeles, CA

"Virtual TimeClock is a much cleaner solution. Highly recommended."
Pioneer Printing, Inc.

Newport, OR

"Virtual TimeClock works great for us! We love it - and at an affordable price for small companies."
P&H Interiors, Inc.

Coral Springs, USA

"Pretty easy to set up on the PC's ... the tech on the phone walked me through everything. The team at Redcort has been easily accessible for any questions, and I am now receiving my weekly reports exactly as needed. This was just what we required, without a lot of unnecessary extras that we don't need."
Windows101, LLC

Seattle, WA

"We love the Redcort Virtual TimeClock. It was simple to setup, configure and very easy to use. The reports are exactly what I was looking for. Payroll is a breeze, two clicks and your data is in QuickBooks. Great Product!!"
Orlando Gun Club

Orlando, FL

"Great easy to use program which allows flexibility for owners and employees."

Arvada, Denver & Golden, CO

"Great product -- we have our three business centers using it so I can run payroll centrally."
Stitch N Print, Inc

Oklahoma City, OK

"Virtual TimeClock was recommended by AccountEdge software (our accounting software) tech support as a Mac based option for us. The time savings in manually tabulating timecards is incredible! Our employees found the software easy to use and the reports are great too. Thanks for making my payroll easier."
Creekside Animal Hospital

Draper, UT

Virtual TimeClock user
Bryan D Brenner PLLC

Seattle, WA

"This has been very helpful for both me and my team."
Bed Express - Vermont Bedrooms

Rutland Town, VT

Virtual TimeClock user
Ottley's Plantation Inn

St. Kitts, Eastern Caribbean

"It's always been a pleasure working with Redcort and your product. Virtual TimeClock software is a superb tool for our company."
University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL

Virtual TimeClock user
Asbury College

Wilmore, KY

Virtual TimeClock user
All About Eyes Optometry

Los Gatos, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
S & S childcare

Devils Lake, United States

"So far have loved this program for my staff!"
BedRock Depot

Dinosaur, CO

"This software is much easier to use and understand than others we have tried. It allows us to set our own parameters for payroll, and BEST of ALL, it's a one time fee rather than a monthly charge like many others out there. It puts us in control rather than someone else."
Wellington Recreation Commission

Wellington, USA

"We have several different remote locations that we run throughout the year. Having the Virtual Time Clock system to track employee hours instead of checking hand written time sheets will make things a lot easier on our payroll staff and save us time during our busier months. This is a great system to have and use!"
Quimby House Inn

Bar Harbor, ME

"Our employees love the ease of Virtual Time Clock. We love the affordability at our small Inn. Thank you!"
Morris Orthodontics

Hendersonville, TN

"Virtual TimeClock is simple for my employees and makes my job much easier. Thank you!"
Anselmo-Merna Public School

Merna, NE

Virtual TimeClock user
Net Sales, Inc: Unique Gifts & Novelty Items

Eugene, OR

Virtual TimeClock user
Auburn University

Auburn, AL

Virtual TimeClock user
Burlingame Orthodontics, PLLC

Ballston Spa, NY

"Wonderful program. Very user-friendly."
Tune-Ups: A Chiropractic Place

San Carlos, CA

Virtual TimeClock user
Rimmer Retirement Advisors

Oklahoma City, OK

"Virtual TimeClock saves everyone time and makes it easier to do payroll. Plus they have GREAT tech support."
The Dederich Clinic

Edmonton, Canada

"Virtual TimeClock software is simple to use and very labor saving."
M & R Redi-Mix Inc.

Pettisville, OH

"Our company has been using Virtual Time Clock since 2011 to aid in streamlining our payroll process. We are able to link four remote locations to our main office for efficient daily personnel time management, and the payroll firm uses the client program to import employee time information into their system for processing and payment. The program allows us to easily group and move employees according to the location from which they work, and provide reporting that helps us track branch labor usage. The staff have been very helpful when we need answers to questions, and responsive to ideas that would be beneficial. I would definitely recommend this software as a viable option when considering electronic, multiple location time clock systems."
Miller Place Animal Hospital

Miller Place, New York

"Virtual TimeClock is very simple to implement and use as the administrator. Very intuitive for the staff to use. Love the ability to generate different reports. Definitely worth the investment!"
Callaway Air

Dacula, GA

"I drive a public school bus and we have to keep up with our time sheets. I am able to keep track of all of my time sheets. I give this software 2 thumbs up."
Texas Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dallas, TX

"We have been using Virtual TimeClock for several years. Their support is tremendous and very prompt."
Tri-C Enterprises, Inc

Atlanta, GA

"We have been using Virtual TimeClock for many years. It has been the best software of its kind for years and has been a huge help for us. Helpful Customer Service and a free trial to test the software too!"
Las Vegas ReLeaf

Las Vegas, US

"The software is easy to use and set up, our staff appreciates the simple interface, and time clock compliance has never been easier for managers of the business."
Noonan, Brockman & Pollock DDS, Inc.

Middletown, OH

"Virtual TimeClock is a great program! Not only does it simplify the entire payroll process, it allows remote access. We have been using Virtual TimeClock since 2012 and I am delighted with the upgrades that have been implemented over that time. Best of all, Virtual TimeClock has amazing customer service and someone has always been available when I need help. Thank you for making my job easy!"
Original Technology Limited

Macau Special Administrative Region, China

Virtual TimeClock user
Injury Rehab Clinic LLC

Gretna, LA

"Very easy to use. Great customer support. I would definitely recommend this software."
Reznick and Wolf Podiatry

Ypsilanti, MI

Virtual TimeClock user
Aszkler Orthodontics, PC

Hamburg, NY

"Works great with all 3 of our locations!"
Heatwave Supply Company

Tulsa, OK

"Virtual TimeClock is a nice and simple program! Looking forward to the future with this application!"
College of Menominee Nation

Keshena, WI

Virtual TimeClock user
Wilmington Public Library District

Wilmington, IL

Virtual TimeClock user
Jones Family Orthodontics

Monroe, WA

Virtual TimeClock user
State University of New York at Oswego

Oswego, NY

Virtual TimeClock user
Burke Veterinary Clinic

Burke, VA

Virtual TimeClock user
Peninsula Paint Centers

Poulsbo, US

"Our company is very pleased with this program. We have 5 stores, and Virtual TimeClock has helped eliminate manual time sheets. Our employee age group ranges from 20-60 years old and TimeClock has been easy for everyone to use. Very simple layout and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend this TimeClock to anyone who is interested."
Hardin County Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Elizabethtown, KY

"Our experience has been nothing but flawless. The test period gave us ample opportunity to explore and develop questions. The questions were answered and we installed the permanent program. This is where it gets amazing. During the install we had problems developed outside the realm of Redcort's responsibility. The staff was helpful in solving those problems and getting us up and running. The best tech support I've ever gotten."
Eastern Michigan University Rec/IM Dept.

Ypsilanti, MI

"Great time clock software -- excellent support!"
Admiral Rug Cleaning & Repair Factory

Reseda, CA

"Our rug cleaning plant has been using Virtual TimeClock for several years now and we are very satisfied with the software and ease of use. The customer service is wonderful!"
Tricia Birdwell MD Inc

Madera, CA

"You guys are awesome. Love the reporting, reliability and accuracy. I love how the software is not reliant on a remote database and everything is on our local machines. Nowadays, everybody relentlessly pushes for people to 'subscribe' to a cloud based service with remotely hosted DB, etc...I get it, but, c''s a timeclock database. We don't need, Redundant off-site remote backups, cloud based, blah, blah, blah... Thanks guys!"
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Department of Theatre

Greensboro, NC

"Virtual TimeClock works great in allowing me to track the hours worked by both student employees and students completing practicum hours. It has allowed me to eliminate the use of paper timesheets and very accurately tracks their time in our workshop."
Green Thumb Company

Bellingham, WA

"Just changed our timeclock program to run our business, we chose Virtual TimeClock Pro Edition, it's a user-friendly program that is quick and easy to learn, very happy with it."

Newton, MA

"Virtual TimeClock has been great. Easy to use. Great customer service."
Lexington Animal Clinic

Lexington , USA

"Great product, fast friendly service!"
Mik Ortho

Fort Worth, TX

Virtual TimeClock user
Taylored Expressions

Ankeny, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Hunter Endodontics

Lilydale, MN

"I had a computer time clock program but it required a messy renewal each year and support was poor and slow at best. Went online, found virtual time clock on the advice of my payroll service, tried it free for about 6 weeks and found it very intuitive and trouble free. Bought it and now I'm done."
McConnell Library, Radford University

Radford, VA

Virtual TimeClock user
Renaissance Art Center

Gaithersburg, MD

"So far so good."
Commercial Rare Coins

Lauderdale By The Sea, FL

"Time-clocks are very crucial in small businesses to keep pay under control and honest people honest about their times. This program has been critical in doing this from day one. Thanks for the solid support that comes with it!"
Montessori Community School

Salt Lake City, UT

"Virtual TimeClock software is easy to use and yet very powerful at the same time."
Pro Tech Automotive

Blue island, US

Virtual TimeClock user
Weir Furniture Center

Sault Ste. Marie, MI

"Awesome Service! Great Customer Support! Dramatically reduced the time it took to do payroll!"

Berkeley, CA

"We're new users. My employees are pleased with the new time clock. Calculating payroll is now a piece of cake."
Albany Technical College

Albany, GA

Virtual TimeClock user
Rapid Electric Vehicles, Inc.

Vancouver, Canada

Virtual TimeClock user
Wooden Nickel Refinish & Woodcraft Inc.

Billings, MO

"I had been using 'other' software and decided to try the trial offer of Virtual Time Clock. Right away it was a far superior product. I use a Mac and really like the accuracy and simplicity of the software. Highly recommend this product!"
Core Systems

Poway, CA

"We have tried several timeclock units over the past couple of years and have chosen the virtual timeclock software as our software of choice."
Palm Bay Air and Heat, Inc.

Palm Bay, FL

"We like this program because it's very user friendly and helps to expedite the timecard approval process."
The Novel Cafe DTLA

Los Angeles, CA

"After searching around for months, it was well worth paying the much higher price for Virtual Time Clock Pro. Does everything its supposed to and more!"
Knud Hoei A/S

Arhus, Denmark

"Virtual timeclock is a GREAT program, since we can customize the program to Danish procedures and payrolls. We use the server-version so our two separate departments can log in and out, and keep track of each other. My best recommendations!"
Hilly Haven Golf Course

De Pere, WI

"Software is very clean & user-friendly. Reports are easy to run & read. The employees like the messaging service. We moved from an integrated POS time keeping software & the transition went smoothly."

Orange, CA

"Running a small business I don't have time to deal with many administrative issues; Virtual Timeclock handles the employee hours piece conveniently for me."
Nona Pediatric Center

Orlando, FL

"Redcort Virtual Timeclock is an excellent product, what's more it grows with your business. I started with the basic plan which was very affordable for a startup and as I hired more employees, it was easy to upgrade to accommodate my office needs. It was also the only product that I could find that works well with the Macintosh platform."
Millersville University

Millersville, PA

Virtual TimeClock user
Sterling Wholesale Grocery Co.

Princeton, United States of America

"We have this software running at 5 of our locations and it saves me at least 15 hours when running payroll every month. This software is a must if you are looking to expand or cut down on costs."
Linfield College

Portland, OR

Virtual TimeClock user