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Bowlers Edge

Billings, MT

I love this time clock. Super easy to use and great customer service. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Running a small company requires a lot of hat switching. I hated taking handwritten time cards and transferring them into a spreadsheet every week, and doing the required calculations so I could report the numbers to my accountant. One of my employees brought my attention to Redcort, and I tried the free trial of the basic. It was so easy to install and use, and my employees had no problem with it - obvious, essentially no training! Worked very well, released me of one more chore, so I purchases it well before the free trial ran out. We are very pleased with it. Had to edit the time for one employee the first week due to them forgetting to clock in or out, but that’s about it! Great product, and you don’t pay forever every month!

ORA Dental

Toronto, Ontario

Econo Lodge Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville, FL

Easy to use, great software for time tracking.

Very pleased with the software. I had been looking for a virtual network system to meet my expanding company needs. So far so good..

WLC Tax Service LLC

Columbus, OH

Wengerd Wood Inc.

Dundee, OH

While doing some searching for a standalone timeclock solution for our small business we found Redcort Virtual TimeClock online. We downloaded the trail and loved what we saw and moved ahead with implementing it in our shop.

- Simple to set up. We had it up and running in less than 15 minutes.
- Easy to learn, intuitive user interface.
- Excellent, current documentation. Very simple to navigate and find answers to questions.
- Fully featured software. We found no major misses in features.
- Fully on-premise, not cloud based. (Your requirements may differ, this fit our requirements due to poor internet connectivity.)
- Clear and easy reporting.
- One time purchase.

- We felt the time off functionality could have been built out more to allow for slightly more flexibility in entering and tracking accrued employee vacation.

Overall we are very happy with our purchase so far and would not hesitate to recommend this software for time tracking.

Symmetry Orthodontics

Alexandra Headland, Australia

Replaced some older time card software with this. It has been working very well.

Capitol Design

Lexington, SC

Excellent website and very easy to use their software.

Tricia Birdwell MD Inc

Madera, CA

You guys are awesome. Love the reporting, reliability and accuracy. I love how the software is not reliant on a remote database and everything is on our local machines. Nowadays, everybody relentlessly pushes for people to 'subscribe' to a cloud based service with remotely hosted DB, etc...I get it, but, c''s a timeclock database. We don't need, "Redundant off-site remote backups, cloud based, blah, blah, blah..." Thanks guys!

Jeff’s Auto Works

Atascadero, US