End-Of-Year Leave Carryover with Virtual TimeClock

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End-Of-Year Leave Carryover

Carryover hours represent the unused awarded leave hours from the previous benefit year. Depending on your organization's policies, you may need to carryover unused leave hours into an employee's new benefit year. Before carrying over unused leave hours, ensure that you have configured leave categories and leave awards.

Virtual TimeClock does not automatically carry over hours, you will need to manually input them. Here’s how:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select the Accrued and Used Leave report from the Reports program menu.
  3. Click the People & Dates button to select Users and the Accrual End Date for the report.
  • If your organization handles benefit anniversary dates by calendar year, change the Accrual End Date of the report in the People & Dates window. For example, if your benefit year begins January 1, then change the date to December 31.
  • If your organization handles employee benefit year based on employee start date or end of probationaty period, change the Accrual End Date to one day before the start of the user's new benefit year.
  1. On the resulting Accrued and Used Leave report, make a note of the Balance number(s) for each employee. A balance with parenthesis means the user took more hours than they were awarded and have a deficit.
Note: Balance = Accrued Hours - Used Hours + Carryover hours
Accrued and Used Leave report in Virtual TimeClock
  1. Click on the Leave Awards button, located in the report toolbar.
  2. For each employee, enter the Balance number, if any, in the Carryover hours section each awarded leave category.
  3. Update any accrual rates based on your business rules. For example, perhaps employees with 5 years of service receive an extra week of paid vacation.
  • Carryover Unused Hours: You can carryover overused leave hours into the new benefit year to be taken out of future accrued hours. Enter the overused hours in the Carryover hours box with a minus sign before the number of hours. For example, -10. The negative hours will appear in parenthesis and will be subtracted from Accrued Hours to give you the balance.

We recommend setting a reminder in your calendar to update employee leave awards. Carrying over unused leave hours can be done on or after your reminder. You can view accrual hours for any past period by changing the end date in the People & Dates window.