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Windows Command Line Parameters

Virtual TimeClock for Windows supports silent, unattended program installation and removal. Command line parameters allow you to easily customize an unattended program installation and uninstallation to meet your network deployment requirements. This article provides you with an overview of some of the more common parameters.

Install Command Line Parameters
Common parameters include:

Disables the This will install... Do you wish to continue? startup prompt at the beginning of installation.

Instructs the installation to be silent by not displaying the wizard or the background window but does display the installation progress window. Any error messages that occur during installation are displayed. Does not suppress the startup prompt (above).

Same as /SILENT but does not display the installation progress window. Any error messages that occur during installation are displayed. Does not suppress the startup prompt (above).

Suppresses message boxes during installation. Only has an effect when combined with /SILENT and /VERYSILENT. Any message boxes that would have been displayed are responded to in the following fashion:

  • Keep newer file? = yes - newer files are kept
  • File exists, confirm overwrite. = no - files are not overwritten
  • Abort or Retry? = Abort - process is ended
  • Retry/Cancel? = Cancel - process is canceled
  • Warnings about low disk space, directories existing (or not), exit the setup program, confirmation of uninstallation, etc. = Yes - continue the operation
  • Setup or uninstall completed, and restart needed = Yes - restart the computer

Creates a program icon on user's desktop, which may not be created with above parameters.

The above parameters can be combined, listing them after the binary file path. For example: TimeClockUserClientSetup.exe /SP- /verysilent /TASKS="desktopicon,fileassoc"

Using command line parameters to install Virtual TimeClock

Uninstall Command Line Parameters
The Virtual TimeClock uninstaller program (unins000.exe) can be executed with the following common parameters:

The uninstaller will not ask the user for startup confirmation or display a message stating that uninstall is complete. When '/VERYSILENT' is used, the uninstallation progress window is not displayed.

Instructs the uninstaller to suppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with '/SILENT' and '/VERYSILENT'.

Causes uninstall to create a log file in the user's TEMP directory detailing file uninstallation and actions taken during the uninstallation process. The log file is created with a unique name based on the current date.

Include any of the above parameters after the uninstall binary path. Virtual TimeClock's default uninstall path is located at:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Virtual TimeClock [edition and version]/unins000.exe

Complete List of Install/Uninstall Parameters
Virtual TimeClock uses Inno Setup for Windows-based installers. See the Setup Command Line Parameters in the Inno Setup Guide for a complete list of command line parameters.