Setting Up Holiday, Vacation and Leave Categories in Virtual TimeClock

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Setting Up Leave Categories

Leave tracking with Virtual TimeClock begins with setting up leave categories. Leave categories are the different kinds of leave that employee hours will be awarded. Leave categories and the payment calculations must be set up before adding leave awards or entering leave hours for users. If your leave categories have already been set up, the next step is to assign leave awards for each employee.

Note: Leave tracking is only available in Pro and Network editions.

To set up and manage leave categories follow the steps below:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Leave Categories from the Configure menu to open the Configure Leave Categories window.
Virtual TimeClock leave categories


  1. To create a new leave category click the New Category button, enter the name of the category in the drop down window, and click Save. The new category will appear on the left side of the window.
  • A leave category’s name can be edited at any time by selecting the name in the left column and clicking the Edit button.
  • If needed you can delete a category by clicking the Delete button in the bottom left corner. For reporting purposes the program will not allow you to delete any leave category that has user entries associated with it.
  • Holiday, Personal, Sick Leave and Vacation are default leave categories, but you can add an unlimited amount of leave categories. Some examples are jury duty, military leave, Family & Medical Leave (FMLA), Paid Time Off (PTO), mandatory furlough, and leave required by city or state laws.
  1. Set the payment calculations for the leave category. There are three available options:
  • Paid: always included in the total hours worked for each employee.
  • Paid up to a limit: included in the total hours worked up to the daily threshold (set in minutes or hours). The remaining time will be reported as unpaid.
  • Unpaid: not included in total hours worked for an employee.

Once the names and calculations for the leave categories are set up, you can assign customized leave awards to users. Learn how to add and customize leave awards >