Determine Your Current Support Plan

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Determine Your Support Plan Status

There are two support plans available for Virtual TimeClock, Standard Support and Premier Support. Here are 3 easy ways to determine the current status of your support plan:

1.  Your License Email

  1. Locate your most recent Virtual TimeClock Software license.  Your license key(s) are emailed to you when you purchase a license and each year that you renew your Premier Support plan.
  2. The Support Plan line on your license email indicates Premier Support or Standard Support. If you are enrolled in Premier Support, the license will also indicate your plan's expiration date.

2. Within Virtual TimeClock

  1. Launch Virtual TimeClock and select License Key from the Help menu.
  2. If your software has been activated with a license key, your plan status is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the License Key window (see below):
Virtual TimeClock License Key Window

Please Note: If the renewal date is incorrect, you have not activated the license key(s) from your latest Premier Support renewal.

3. Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions or need help determining your support plan. We maintain detailed records of your orders and your current support status. We're here to help!