Installation Guide for Virtual TimeClock Basic

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Install Virtual TimeClock Basic

This article will help you quickly install Virtual TimeClock Basic on your computer:

1. Locate your Virtual TimeClock License 
When you purchase Virtual TimeClock Basic, a license key and instructions are sent to you via email. If you cannot find a recently purchased license in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you are reinstalling or need a copy of your license, please contact us.

If you have not yet purchased Virtual TimeClock, the software will run for a limited time as a fully functional free trial. Learn more about Virtual TimeClock free trials here.

2. Download and Run the Installer

  • Go to the Virtual TimeClock Basic download page.
  • Select the installer for your licensed version of Virtual TimeClock Basic.
  • Confirm your computer meets the system requirements for the version selected.
  • Download and run the Virtual TimeClock Basic installer. Virtual TimeClock will launch automatically at the conclusion of the installation.
Virtual TimeClock Basic Welcome

3. Enter Your License Key
Select the Enter Key button and enter your company information and license key exactly as it appears in your license email. See Step 1 above for license assistance.

4. Open Your Database

  • Choose Open to open an existing database on your computer.
  • If you have a company backup file, select Restore button.
  • See the Basic Edition Setup Guide to learn how to create a new company and  get your time clock ready for employees to clock in.
Virtual TimeClock Basic Open