Configuring Security Options in Virtual TimeClock

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Configuring Security Options

This brief article will cover both administrator security options and password creation rules available in Virtual TimeClock. These security settings can be used to increase time clock security and discourage buddy punching.

Note: If you are using Basic Edition of Virtual TimeClock, see the Basic Edition Security Settings article.

Configure Security and Password Settings
Follow the steps below to configure security settings:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu
  2. Choose Security from the Configure menu.
Configuring security options window

In this window, you can choose to disable password security for Administration Mode, which means any employee will then be able to enable Administration Mode and make changes to timecards and time clock settings. Use caution when disabling the administration password. The Program Administrators box allows you to quickly add or remove time clock administrators.

Password Rules
Password rules are a global setting which means they will apply to all users (including managers and administrators) and all groups. See below for a short description on each rule:

  • Users can modify their passwords - allows employees to modify their own password at any time from the User Actions menu. New passwords must adhere to password rules.
  • Forbid user name in password - the users first or last name may not be used in their password.
  • Minimum password length - requires that passwords be a certain length to be accepted.
  • Case sensitive passwords - upper and lowercase letters must be entered correctly.
  • Require strong passwords - see extra password requirements under setting.
If changing the password rules invalidates current passwords, you will be notified which users will need a new password. See the Creating Passwords article for more information on setting up user, manager and administrator passwords.