Timecards for Salaried Workers in Virtual TimeClock

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Timecards for Salaried Workers

Most companies have a combination of salary and hourly employees on staff. Implementing time tracking software for hourly workers is a big step toward accurate, efficient payroll, but how do you incorporate salaried employees in your time tracking? Virtual TimeClock provides several options for handling salary workers, including: track attendance only, track PTO (paid time off) only, create manual timecards, or simply display a salaried employee's name on reports so they are counted. In this article we'll explore each of these options for handling salaried workers in Virtual TimeClock.

Note: To designate an employee as salaried, go to Users and select the employee's Employment tab.

Track Salary Worker Attendance Without Totaling Hours
If you want to have salary workers track time by punching in and out, but do not want the hours totaled for payroll, you can change report settings to not total salary worker hours. Salary employee timecards will look like the example below. At the top of a report, select Report Settings and then choose the Report Options button. Uncheck the box for Total Salaried Workers Hours.

Timecard with entries not being totaled

Track Salary Worker PTO
If you only want to track PTO (paid time off) for salaried employees, you will enter leave awards into the TimeClock and add leave entries in the same way that you would for hourly workers. Salary workers will not have a timecard unless they took PTO hours during the last payroll period.

Note: It's common for sick time to be accrued based on hours worked even for salaried employees. If this is the case, you will need to track salary hours by having salaried employees punch the clock without totaling hours (see the first section in this article) or manually adding hours to their timecard.

Timecard showing only leave entry for salary employee

Create Manual Timesheets
If you want salaried employees to have a timesheet, but don't want them to punch the clock daily, you will need to create manual entries for their timecard. If you just want a timecard that has the employee's name with  "40 hours worked" on it, you can create a special leave category called Salary Hours and create a single leave entry at the end of the pay cycle that will record 40 hours for the period.

Creating a new leave category for manually adding salary employee hours

Salary Workers Displayed on Reports
If you just want the names of salary workers to show up on a timecard summary or other report, even if they didn't punch any hours, you can choose to include employees with no hours on your reports. At the top of a report, select Report Settings and then choose the Report Options button. Check the box for Workers With No Hours.

Display salary workers with no hours on timecard
There are several ways and many benefits to tracking salary workers in Virtual TimeClock. If you need assistance with handling salaried employees in the time clock, please get in touch with our customer care team for assistance.