Assigning Shifts and Schedules in Virtual TimeClock

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Assigning Shifts to Users

Shifts can be assigned to individuals employees using Schedules or to groups of users depending on your needs. Continue reading to learn about the flexibility Virtual TimeClock provides when it comes to assigning shifts to users. Before assigning shifts to individuals or groups, you must first create your shift(s).

Assign a Shift to an Individual User 
Assigning shifts to individual users by day of the week can be accomplished by setting up employee Schedules window. This feature is best used for employees who work static schedules that change infrequently. To make changes to a user’s schedule follow the steps below:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Schedules from the Configure menu.
  3. Choose an employee in the left column and assign a shift to each workday.

Important Note: Any days that you do not assign a shift will be Unscheduled. Employees will be unable to clock in on days that are unscheduled, so make sure that shifts are assigned to each day of the week a user will be working.

Assigning employee schedules

Assign a Shift to a Group of Users
The other way to assign shifts is by groups of users. When shifts are assigned to groups of users, the shift rules will be applied based on the time of day a user starts their shift. Access this setting in the Configure Display Groups window. This feature is intended for businesses that have fixed shifts (e.g. Days, Swings, Nights) and have employees who often work different shifts.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Display Groups from the Configure menu.
  3. Select the desired shift(s) in the Shift Rules section.
  4. If more than one shift is assigned, rules take effect 1 hour before the shift start time.

Note: Shifts may overlap, but shift start times must be separated by at least 4 hours.

  1. Click Apply to save the changes.
Note: Employee shift schedules will always override group shift assignments. If you want group shift settings to apply to a scheduled user, make sure you clear any existing schedule.
Virtual TimeClock Group Shifts
  1. Ensure the correct users are assigned to the display group by selecting the Users tab of the Configure Display Groups window.

After shifts have been assigned to users individually or to a group of users, you can move on to learn about reporting shift information.