Common Virtual TimeClock Backup Mistakes

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Common Backup Mistakes

When computer theft or failure occurs, it can be devastating if you also lose your employee timecard data. Not only is starting over a time consuming hassle, but losing your data can create major payroll headaches.

While Virtual TimeClock data backups are easy, it is important to understand how Virtual TimeClock works. The following are 7 common mistakes and misconceptions:

1. We do not host (or have) your data!
All of your Virtual TimeClock data is saved and stored exclusively on YOUR computers. We regularly get calls from users following a computer mishap. They either forgot or were never told that we do not have or maintain their Virtual TimeClock program data.

2. Automatic Backups are not scheduled
Virtual TimeClock users often assume their data is being backed up. While manual backups are very quick and simple, it's easy to forget to do them. This is why we make automatic scheduled backups super easy in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network editions. Read our Setting Up Scheduled Backups Knowledge Base article to set an automatic backup schedule.

  • Important: You need to set up a new backup schedule anytime you move Virtual TimeClock Pro or the Server Manager to another computer.

3. Scheduled backups are not verified
Assuming automatic backups are working can be a fatal mistake. You should verify that your scheduled automatic backups are working within 24 hours of setting up a schedule. You should also set a periodic reminder to ensure your backups are still occurring as expected.

  • Important: See the Verifying your Backups article to learn how to quickly check that backups are happening as expected.

4. Backups are saved to the same computer
Make sure that the backup folder for scheduled backups is on a different computer. External drives must be secured in a different location otherwise a computer crash or theft will cause you to lose both your data and your backup! See the Where to Backup section of our Overview of Backups article to learn about the different places to store your data.

5. The backup location is no longer valid
Ensure your backup location is valid. Over time your network permissions can change and backups can fail. External drives can be disconnected or replaced. Failed backups are written to the Backup Logs with entries like 'Backup failed. Error: Cannot write to the designated backup folder'.

6. Virtual TimeClock is not running when the backup is scheduled
Virtual TimeClock cannot perform a backup if it is not running when an automatic backup is scheduled. For instance, If you set a nightly backup for 7PM and turn off your computer when you leave at 5PM, your scheduled backups will never occur!

Pro Edition
Ensure the Virtual TimeClock program is running when your backup is scheduled.

Network Edition
Ensure your TimeClock Server computer is turned on when your backup is scheduled. Virtual TimeClock Server runs as a background process so it is running whenever your TimeClock Server computer is turned on.

7. Virtual TimeClock does not run long enough for a scheduled backup to occur
If your scheduled backup frequency is every 2 hours, Virtual TimeClock will backup every 2 hours after launch. Closing and restarting the program in under 2 hours prevents a backup from occurring. This error is most common in the Pro Edition when the program is frequently closed or the number of hours between backups is too long.