Electronic Timecard Approval in Virtual TimeClock

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Electronic Timecard Approval

The electronic timecard approval system in Virtual TimeClock allows employees to approve their timecards for payroll without printing them. This can cut back on paper waste and expedite the payroll process for administrators. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to enable electronic timecard approval and how to use the feature as an employee and as a manager.

Note: Electronic timecard approval is only available in Pro and Network editions.

1. Enable Electronic Timecard Approval
Before employees can start using electronic timecard approval, you will need to enable the feature in your time clock settings.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Settings from the Configure menu.
  3. In the Electronic Timecard Approval section, check the appropriate boxes.
  • Hourly worker timecard approval - all hourly workers will have the option to electronically approve their timecard.
  • Salaried worker leave approval - salaried workers can approve any leave they've taken during the period.
  • Manager timecard approval - managers can approve timecards for employees they manage.
Virtual TimeClock Electronic Timecard Approval Settings

2. Employee Approval of Timecards
Once electronic timecard approval is enabled for hourly workers, employees can sign off on their hours at the end of the payroll period. Follow these steps to approve employee timecards:

  1. In User Mode, select the Timecard report from the user action menu.
  • In & Out Board users will right-click on their name.
  • PIN/Passcode users will click the menu in the upper-left corner of the User Status window.
  1. Review hours and then click the Approve button to sign off on the timecard.
Employee Timecard Approval

Note: Timecard approval is automatically removed if any of the timecard entries are edited, deleted, or new entries are added for the payroll period

3. Manager Approval of Timecards
When Manager timecard approval is enabled in the Payroll Settings (see Step 1), managers can approve timecards for the employees they manage.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu and enter your manager credentials.
  2. Select Payroll Approval from the administrator toolbar.
  3. Review employee timecards and confirm all employees have approved their hours.
  4. Click the Approval button and choose Approve All (Manager).
Manager Timecard Approval
Note: Both user and manager timecard approvals are recorded in the audit logs for future reference. See the Program Logs article for more information.
Once timecards have been approved by employees and managers, administrators can sign-off on all hours and close the period. Find out more about closing the period by reviewing the Payroll Approval Process article.