Viewing Timecards for Inactive Users in Virtual TimeClock

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Timecards for Inactive Users

From time to time you may need to view timecard data for employees who are inactive. This is often necessary for end-of-year job costing and other labor calculations. When an employee is made inactive, they are no longer displayed on your time clock or included in timecard reports, but you can still access all of their time clock data by following the steps in this article.

Important Note: You will only be able to view timecards of past employees who were previously made Inactive in the time clock. Deleting a user from the time clock, instead of making them inactive, permanently deletes all of their timecard data.

Viewing Timecards for Inactive Employees
Follow the steps below for your edition of Virtual TimeClock:

Basic Edition
To view a timecard for an inactive user in Basic Edition, you must first change their Status to User. Once the user is active again, run the timecard report, save or print the report and make the employee inactive again. For help changing a user's Status, see the Overview of Users, Managers and Administrators article.

Note: Basic Edition is limited to 3 users and an administrator. If you have reached your limit of users, you can upgrade to the Pro Edition, which allows for an unlimited number of employees.

Pro & Network Editions
In Pro and Network editions, an administrator can view reports for an inactive user by following these steps:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.

Note: You must login as an administrator. Managers do not have access to administrator groups.

  1. In the lower right corner of the In & Out Board, select Inactive Users from the groups menu. To view timecard totals for both active and inactive users, select All Users.
Selecting the Inactive Users group from the In & Out Board window
  1. Select Timecard Detail, or any other report, from the Reports menu.
  2. Choose the People & Dates button in the report toolbar to choose the inactive worker(s) and date range for the report.
  3. Save or print the report data, and change the display group back to your desired group (see step 2 above).

For more information about inactive users, including how to reactivate someone if they return to work, review the Removing Users article.