Create Overtime Rules in Virtual TimeClock

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Creating Overtime Rules

The powerful overtime features of Virtual TimeClock can be easily setup to meet the overtime needs of most businesses. Custom overtime rules can be configured for up to two different pay rates for daily or weekly hours. See the Overview of Overtime article for more general information about overtime.

This article will cover how to create or modify an overtime rule. If you have already configured your overtime rules then you need to follow the steps to assign an overtime rule to users.

How to Create or Modify an Overtime Rule
Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition allows only one overtime rule and it is assigned to all time clock users. The Pro and Network editions allow you to create any number of overtime rules for your employees.

To add or modify an overtime rule:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Overtime from the Configure menu.
  3. Add or modify a rule in the Configure Overtime window as follows:
Basic Edition
  • Select Modify Rule.
Pro & Network Edition
  • To modify a rule, select the rule name in the left column and select Modify Rule.
  • To create a new rule, select the New Rule button in the bottom left corner.
Virtual TimeClock Configure Overtime
  1. Enter/Modify the appropriate overtime rates (1.5 for time and a half, 2.0 for double, etc.).
  2. To add a weekly threshold of hours, check the Weekly box and enter the number of hours worked before the overtime rate applies.
  3. To add a daily threshold of hours, check the box for each day of the week the rule applies to and enter the number of hours worked before the overtime rate applies.
  4. If your overtime rule includes 6th and/or 7th consecutive days worked, click to check the appropriate boxes and choose from the popup menu when hours will be included as overtime.
  5. Select Save when you are satisfied with the configuration of your overtime rule.

Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network edition users can repeat steps 3-8 to add additional overtime rules.

Note on California Overtime and Bi-Conditional Rules: In states like Alaska and California, hourly employees can receive both daily (over 8 hours in a day) and weekly (over 40 regular hours in a week) overtime hours in the span of a workweek. In these cases, daily overtime is calculated at the end of the workday and weekly overtime is calculated based on the regular hours for the week, excluding any daily overtime hours. In Virtual TimeClock, employees will not be paid overtime twice for the same hours.

Once your overtime rules are configured, you must assign a rule to each employee that earns overtime. See assigning overtime rules to users article for this next step.