Overview of Activity Tracking in Virtual TimeClock

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Overview of Activity Tracking

The activity tracking features in Virtual TimeClock gives you the ability to categorize, understand, and manage your labor costs. Each time a worker clocks in, a default activity ‘In’ is recorded for the entry. Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network editions allow you to create any number of additional activities, allowing your workers to select a unique activity name, job number, or location for all TimeClock entries recorded throughout a shift. This allows employers to easily track labor costs for specific tasks, job, client, or business unit at the same time workers are recording their employee timecard hours.

Virtual TimeClock has a variety of preconfigured reports for both detailed and summarized employee activities. The Report Writer allows you to customize and/or create additional activity reports according to your business needs.

The following overview will help you quickly get started using the Activities features in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network editions:

Create Unique Activities
An unlimited number of unique activities can be easily created ahead of time or on-the-fly as needed by your employees. However, Virtual TimeClock was not designed to serve as a replacement for complex project management software. Virtual TimeClock does not support multi-level job tracking, which is tracking multiple tasks simultaneously. Virtual TimeClock does support creating an unlimited number of activities and employees using one at a time. Learn More About Creating Activities >

Assign and Manage Activities
Different groups of employees may need different activities available to them. Some employees may not use activity tracking at all. The TimeClock administrator can easily assign particular activities to a group of users, simplifying the TimeClock for users and ensuring employees track their time accurately. Learn More About Assigning Activities >

Use Activities
After activities have been added and assigned to a group(s) of users, employees need only to select the correct activity as the clock in or change activity throughout their workday. Though easy to do, training users to select activities appropriate to their current work is crucial for accurate labor tracking of your designated activities. Learn More About Using Activities >

Report Activities
Virtual TimeClock has several built-in Activity Detail and Activity Summary reports available from the Reports menu. You'll use the Report Writer to easily customize, duplicate, and modify activity reports according to your business needs. Activities can be tracked for any selected date range, activities or users. Employee timecards may also include a summary total of each activity worked in the selected period. Learn More About Reporting Activities >