Overview of Display Groups in Virtual TimeClock

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Overview of Display Groups

Display groups provide a simple and flexible way to view and manage groups of users. Display Groups can be used to customize the clock in and out interface, apply shift rules to groups of users, manage activities, generate reports and much more. Below you will find information on how to set up and customize display groups to fit your exact needs.

Note: Display groups are only available in the Pro and Network Editions.

Virtual TimeClock Overview Display Groups

Using Display Groups
Display groups are used to apply settings to groups of users for clocking in and reporting purposes. Below are some ways you can utilize display groups in your company:

  • Control user and manager access to time clock features and functions.
  • Choose what reports users and managers can view and print.
  • Limit what activities and out memos workers can select when recording time.
  • Manage employees at different locations by grouping users together.
  • Personalize the time clock display for each group by utilizing the different interfaces.
  • Apply time clock settings to different groups of users depending on your needs.

Configuring Display Groups
Display groups are simple to set up and easy to customize. To create a new display group and congifure it for your company, follow the steps below.

  1. Creating a New Group
  2. General Group Settings
  3. TimeClock Interface Options
  4. Set Group User Permissions
  5. Set Group Manager Permissions
  6. Assign Activities to Groups
  7. Set Group Out Memos
  8. Set Group Reports

Managing Display Groups
Once your display groups are set up, it's time to set up your time clocks(s) with the proper group. Find out more in the Changing Groups article.