Premier Support Annual Renewal

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Premier Support Annual Renewal

The Premier Support Plan for Virtual TimeClock ensures the long term, economical operation of your software. A low-cost annual fee provides unlimited technical support, software training, monthly Tips & Tricks Newsletters, and free upgrades to all new releases of your licensed software.

Annual Renewals
A Premier Support renewal invoice is sent out in the month prior to your plan's expiration date. Regular renewals are completed on or before the expiration of your current plan. Late renewals are allowed within 90 days of expiration with an additional $30 re-enrollment fee:

Timing Renewal Fee
On Time Renewal On or before expiration Annual Renewal Fee
Late Renewal Within 90 days of expiration $30 re-enrollment + Annual Renewal Fee
Cannot Renew Over 90 days past expiration Not eligible for enrollment

Non Renewal
The annual renewal of your Premier Support Plan is completely optional. If you decline renewal, your Virtual TimeClock software will continue to operate normally with continued coverage by our Standard Support plan. With Standard Support you will be charged each time you need technical support or an upgrade to your TimeClock software (Compare Standard  & Premier Support).

Important: If you do not renew Premier Support, you will be charged each time you need technical support or an upgrade to your TimeClock software.

Annual Renewal Fee
Premier Support annual enrollment fees are based on the type of Virtual TimeClock license:

Virtual TimeClock License Annual Renewal Fee
Pro Edition (1 Computer) $95
Network Edition - 2 to 9 Computers $175
Network Edition - 10 to 24 Computers $225
Network Edition - 25 to 49 Computers $295
Network Edition - 50 to 75 Computers $395
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Premier Support Cancellation
You may cancel your enrollment in the Premier Support Plan at any time. Your TimeClock software remains fully functional for your continued use under our Standard Support plan. We do not provide prorated refunds for cancellations prior to plan expiration.