Virtual TimeClock Knowledge Base

Overview of Adding and Editing Entries

Whether an employee forgot to clock in for the day or you need to modify an existing time punch, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to manage timecard entries. This overview article will explain who can make changes to timecards, how to properly add or edit employee time clock punches, and how to review timecard changes.

Who Can Add & Edit Timecard Entries
Administrators can add and edit entries for any employee in the time clock. Managers, by default, can add and edit entries only for employees in their group. Users, by default, cannot add or edit entries. If you need to adjust Manager or User permissions, choose your edition below.

Adding Manual Timecard Entries
Sometimes employees forget to clock in or out, or they work away from the office for a day. Whatever the case, Virtual TimeClock makes it simple for administrators and managers to quickly add missed punches. Review the Adding Timecard Entries article to learn how to add entries in your time clock.

Note: Manual entries will be displayed on reports with an ‘A’ annotation.

Adding Break & Lunch Entries
If an employee forgot to clock out for a lunch or break, find out how to insert that time on a timecard by reviewing the Adding Breaks & Lunches article.

Note: Manual break entries will be displayed on reports with an ‘A’ annotation.

Editing Timecard Entries
When employees punch in at the wrong time, or they clock out and end up working additional time, it's important to edit timecard entries to make sure employees are paid properly. For detailed instructions on editing employee timecard punches, review the Editing Timecard Entries Knowledge Base article.

Note: Edited entries will be displayed on reports with an ‘M’ annotation.

Reviewing Timecard Changes
For detailed information on changes made to employee timecards, the audit logs are a great resource for learning who is responsible for adding and editing timesheet entries. For modified entries, the audit logs will also show the original start and stop time compared to the modified times. Review our Program Logs article for more information.