Using Virtual TimeClock on Windows Tablets

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Virtual TimeClock & Windows Tablets

Virtual TimeClock runs natively on macOS and Windows computers, including modern Windows tablets. Using Virtual TimeClock on a Windows tablet is a great option if your employee time clock requirements are constrained by space, budget, or if you need an easily mobile time clock.

Virtual TimeClock PIN Tablet

While any edition of Virtual TimeClock will run on a Windows tablet, we recommend using a tablet for employee time clock access, not for administrating the time clock. Please note that Virtual TimeClock is currently not compatible with Apple iPads, Android tablets or older tablets running Windows 8 RT. See Virtual TimeClock System Requirements for details.

Note: If you will be using administration mode on a Windows tablet, a keyboard and mouse are required. You may also need to modify the resolution or display scaling of the tablet to access some administrative functions.

Optimized for Tablets
Virtual TimeClock's full screen mode can transform your tablet into a dedicated employee time clock. The PIN interface option ensures a super easy-to-use time clock experience for touchscreen tablet users. Learn more about time clock display options.

Tablets Save Space
Many companies deploy Virtual TimeClock on a tablet due to limited space. A tablet can be mounted on the wall of a small break room or employee entrance where a larger computer might not be practical. Installing Virtual TimeClock on tablets mounted on or near machinery makes it easy to track labor time for particular equipment.

Tablets Are Economical

Running Virtual TimeClock on a tablet is an economical alternative to a laptop, desktop computer, or dedicated time clock hardware. A quick web search will show you online and local retailers where you can purchase a Windows 10 or 11 tablet from a multitude of manufactures including ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, DigiLand, Ematic, Insignia, Acer, and Samsung.

Don't buy a high end Windows tablet if it will be used exclusively for Virtual TimeClock! You can purchase a Windows tablet that will run Virtual TimeClock for $300-400. Key factors for selecting the right tablet are screen quality, screen size, and wireless connectivity. Be sure to read online reviews or check out tablet options in person at your local big box technology store.

If you have any questions about using Virtual TimeClock on a Windows tablet, please drop us a note or give us a call for more information.