Adding & Removing Administrators in Virtual TimeClock

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Adding & Removing Administrators

This article explains how to add and remove time clock administrators in Virtual TimeClock. An administrator is someone who has complete, global access to all time clock and timecard settings; this includes time and payroll settings, employee records, editing timecards, adding vacation time, adjusting leave awards and more. Continue reading to find out how to add and remove administrators.

Note: Virtual TimeClock requires there to be at least one administrator in the system at all times, but you can add as many as you need. Adding an administrator assumes that security is enabled, otherwise anyone can have administrator-level access. For more information review this Security article.

Adding an Administrator
To add a new administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Users from the Configure program menu.
  3. If the new administrator is in the User list, select the user, otherwise click New User at the bottom of the user list to add a new user. Administrators must have a password, so make sure a password is created.
  4. Select Administrator from the Status pop-up menu. Click Apply to save.

Tracking Time
If an administrator needs to clock in and out, you will need to add them to a display group. Click Edit in the Display Group Member box to add an administrator to a group and allow them to punch time.

Administrator Permissions
Administrators have access to all system and user settings and cannot be limited. To give a user limited administrative abilities, make them a Manager by reviewing the Adding & Removing Managers article.

Testing Administrator Access
To verify that the new administrator was added correctly, it can be helpful to test their access by logging into the time clock as the new administrator. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu, choose the administrator's name and enter their password.

Note: Network Edition administrators will need to use a Pro Client to access admin mode.

Removing an Administrator
Virtual TimeClock must always have at least one administrator, but you can remove any additional administrators by changing their Status in the User configuration settings. To do this, select Turn Administration On from the File menu then select Users from the Configure menu. Select the administrator and change their status from Administrator to the desired status. If you only want one time clock administrator, you will need to add the new administrator before you remove the current one.

Note: To allow an administrator to continue using the time clock give them User status. To remove an administrator from time clock access completely, change their status to Inactive. For more information, read the Overview of Users, Managers and Administrators article.