Overview of Users, Managers and Administrators in Virtual TimeClock

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Overview of Users, Managers & Administrators

Every user in Virtual TimeClock is assigned a Status: administrator, manager, user, or inactive. This article provides an overview of what each status means, how they work, and how to assign a status.

Note: Learn more about how Passwords and Security work together with a user's status.

Virtual TimeClock Users
The status of User is for workers who only use the time clock to track their time and attendance. Users have no administrative access. User permissions are determined by the Display Group(s) the User is assigned. Learn more about Adding Users >

Virtual TimeClock Managers
The status of Manager allows this person to perform supervisory tasks like editing timecards, printing a group of timecards, and/or approving timecards for payroll. A manager can be both a member and a manager of a Display Group, allowing them to punch the clock as well as manage other users. Manager permissions are determined by the Display Group(s) the Manager is assigned. Learn more about Adding & Removing Managers >

Virtual TimeClock Administrators
The status of Administrator provides unlimited access to all Virtual TimeClock settings and features. While at least one person must be assigned a program Administrator, you can assign any number of people with the status of Administrator. Administrative access should be granted cautiously since administrators have access to the entire program and sensitive employee information. Learn more about Adding & Removing Administrators >

Note: Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network edition administrators can track their time as well as be an administrator.

Inactive Employees
The status of Inactive is for any user you no longer want to have any access to Virtual TimeClock. Making a user inactive removes them from display groups and reports, but retains all historical timeclock data. Learn more about inactive users in our article on Removing Users in Virtual TimeClock.

Important: Make former employees Inactive rather than deleting them to preserve their historical data. Deleting a user permanently removes all of their employment and timecard information and cannot be undone.

Changing Status
Follow these steps to change a user's status:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu and enter your administrator password.
  2. Select Users from the Configure menu to open the Configure Users window.
  3. Select a user by clicking on their name from the list of users.
  4. In the Status area, click the popup menu and select a new status for the user.
Note: Workers with the status of manager or administrator must have a password assigned to them so they can access administration mode.
Changing the user status selection in time tracking software

Filter Users
For quicker access to particular employees, you can filter the visible users by clicking on the user list header (set to Active Users Only by default) and choosing a category to filter.

Filtering the user list in Virtual TimeClock