Using Virtual TimeClock on a Terminal Server

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Terminal Servers & Virtual TimeClock

The following information will help you understand basic deployment considerations for Virtual TimeClock Network edition in a terminal services environment.

Important Note: Virtual TimeClock Basic & Pro editions will not run on a Terminal Server.

Installation & Setup

  • The Virtual TimeClock Server application must never be installed on a Terminal Server.
  • The Virtual TimeClock Server’s database must reside on the same physical hardware as the Server application.
  • Install the Virtual TimeClock Pro Client and/or User Client on the Terminal Server from an Administrative account.
  • Client preferences are local to each client user. Therefore, each account using a Virtual TimeClock client must be logged into locally, launched, and connected to the Virtual TimeClock server.


  • Each account on a terminal server that runs the Virtual TimeClock client software requires a client license. This includes time clock users and time clock administrators.
  • If you have multiple Terminal Servers with redundant user accounts (for load balancing), each account on each server requires a client license.

Getting Started
Use the links below to get started with a free trial or download Virtual TimeClock Network edition. You’ll find easy-to-follow Installation and Setup Guides on each download page.