Timecard Signature Options in Virtual TimeClock

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Timecard Signature Options

Virtual TimeClock allows you to add a signture line to the bottom of your employee timecard reports. In addition to the signature line, you can also customize the accompanying signature text that employees will sign off on at the end of your payroll period. This brief article will explain how to enable and customize the employee signature line.

Note: The timecard signature line is only available on Pro and Network editions.

Customizing the Employee Signature Options
Follow these steps to enable and customize the signature line on your timecard report.

  1. Select Turn Administration On in the File menu.
  2. Choose Report Writer from the Configure menu.
  3. Select your employee timecard report - usually the Timecard Detail.
  4. Click the Report Options button in the report settings.
The report options button in Report Writer
  1. Check the box for Worker Signature. To add a signature line for supervisors to sign off, check Supervisor Signature.
The default timecard signature line

To edit the default employee signature text:

  1. Click Signature Text in the Report Options window.
Edit the timecard report signature line
  1. After editing the signature text, click OK.
  2. Click Save in the Report Options window.
  3. Review your changes by choosing Preview Report from the Report Writer toolbar.

Now that you have successfully modified your timecard report, you can have employees view, print and sign their timecards to turn in for payroll. For more information on viewing and printing timecards, see our Viewing Timecards article.