Editing Entries in Virtual TimeClock

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Editing Timecard Entries

Editing timecard entries is a very important feature in Virtual TimeClock. Occasionally an employee may accidentally punch in late, forget to punch out for their lunch break or any number of similar situations. This article will walk you through how to edit existing timecard entries and how to delete an entry.

Note: For information about Adding Manual Entries to Timecards review this Knowledge Base article.

How to Edit Entries
There are two primary ways to edit an entry. You can choose to edit an employee's current time clock entry, or use the Entry Editor to edit an entry from a prior day. To edit an entry in a closed period, you will first need to reopen the payroll period.

Note: If you do not have the editing options shown below after logging into administration mode, you are a Manager and will need additional manager permissions to edit entries.

Editing a Current Entry 

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Right-click a user's name on the In & Out Board and select Edit Current Entry.
Editing a current entry from In & Out Board
  1. Make any changes and click Save.

Editing a Prior Timecard Entry

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Right-click on the user you need to make a change for and choose Timecard.
  3. Select the Entry Editor from the report toolbar.
Using the Entry Editor in Virtual TimeClock
  1. In the Entry Editor, double-click the entry you wish to modify and use the editor to make changes. Click Save to finish.
Editing an entry in Entry Editor

Important Note: If you are editing the start time of a lunch or break, make sure to edit the Start time of the lunch/break as well as the Stop time of the prior entry. When editing the Stop time of a lunch or break, edit the Start time of the following entry as well.

Editing Missed Stop Entries
Timecard entries in the Entry Editor that are marked in red are being flagged because a user forgot to clock out the last time they worked. When users forget to clock out, the next time they use the time clock they will enter their estimated stop time from the previous day. Managers and administrators can view the estimated time the user left and correct the entry before the period is closed.

Note: Follow the steps in our Missed Clock Out Errors Knowledge Base article to correct a missed stop error.

Deleting a Timecard Entry
When a timecard entry is deleted, it cannot be recovered, so exercise caution when removing entries.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select the Entry Editor button in the administrative toolbar.
  3. Click Select Entries to choose the users and the date range.
  4. Right-click the entry you wish to remove and choose Delete or click the Delete button in the toolbar.
Deleting an entry in Virtual TimeClock

Tracking Timecard Changes
You can track all modified timecard entries using the Audit Logs which are available in the Program Logs tool. Learn more by reviewing this Monitoring Modified Timecards support article.

Following any changes to employee timecards, it's a good idea to review the user's timecard to ensure that the entry was modified correctly.