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Upgrade Virtual TimeClock Pro

This article will outline the steps for upgrading your Virtual TimeClock Pro Edition software. If you're not sure which version of Virtual TimeClock you are using, see the Finding Your Edition & Version article.

Note: If you are currently using Version 18.2.2 or newer, select Check for Updates from the Help menu on Windows or the Virtual TimeClock Pro menu on macOS and follow the instructions to upgrade.

1. Ensure you have a valid license key

  • Determine your current support plan. If you have Premier Support, continue to step 2.
  • If you have Standard Support, contact us for a discount code. Once you purchase an upgrade, select License Key from the Help menu to enter your new key.

Note: An upgrade will not open your existing data unless a valid license key is installed.

2. Uninstall your old software
Review the Uninstall Guide for Pro Edition for step-by-step instructions on uninstalling your old version.

3. Install the upgrade 
If you need assistance installing your software upgrade, see our Virtual TimeClock Pro Installation instructions.