Exploring Basic Edition With Sample Data

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Exploring Basic Edition with Sample Data

One of the best ways to explore Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition during your free trial is using the included sample data. The sample data is a fictional company database that is pre-populated with employees and hundreds of time clock entries. The sample data enables you to quickly get a feel for how the program looks, feels, and functions.

This guide will walk you through opening and using the sample data to explore Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition. This guide assumes you have already installed Virtual TimeClock Basic.

Note: Entries made in the Sample Data count toward your 200 free trial entries.

Opening the Sample Data
If you just activated your free trial, you can choose Sample Data from the Open a Company Database window and begin exploring the software.

Open Sample Data Window in Basic

If you previously chose the My Company button, you'll need to close your company database and then open the sample data:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu and enter your password.
  2. Choose Database from the Configure menu and click the Close button.
  3. Select Sample Data from the Open a Company Database  window to open the sample data.

Exploring the Sample Data
Once you open the sample company, you can explore any feature or function of the program. The following are three things you can do right away to help you get acquainted with Virtual TimeClock Basic:

1. Clock In & Out
See what it's like to clock in as an employee by clicking a user's name and choosing Start.

Note: In the sample data, passwords are off by default to make it easier to explore the software.

When you enable administration mode by selecting Turn Administration On from the File menu, you can punch a user in and modify the start time. Find out more in the Clocking In & Out section of the Knowledge Base.

2. View Timecards & Reports
The sample data makes it easy to see what reports look like. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu and choose My Reports from the toolbar. Choose Timecard Detail to view a standard timecard. Find out more about Viewing Timecards.

3. Edit a Timecard Entry
What if you need to fix an employee's timecard? With administration mode turned on, right-click (Ctrl + click on Mac) a user's name from the In & Out Board and choose Timecard. Select Entry Editor from the report toolbar to see all timecard punches. Double-click any entry in the list to edit the time/date or activity. Learn more about Editing Entries in this Knowledge Base article.

Every time you open Virtual TimeClock you will be able to choose to open the sample data again or start using your company. When you're ready to start tracking time for your employees, see our Basic Edition Quick Start to get started in 3 easy steps.