Finding Your Edition & Version

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Finding Your Edition & Version

Whether you're upgrading your software or calling in for technical support, it's helpful to know which edition and version of Virtual TimeClock you are currently using. This brief article will explain how to quickly find this information the next time you need it.

1.  Launch Virtual TimeClock and open the About Virtual TimeClock dialog.

  • Windows users - see the Help menu.
  • Mac users - see the Virtual TimeClock application menu.
2. Determine if you are using the Basic, Pro, or Network edition.
  • Version 14 or newer, notice the icon: Basic = orange, Pro = blue, Network = green.
  • Version 13 or older, use the program name to determine your edition.

Virtual TimeClock About Windows

The Network Edition has 3 programs:  Pro Client, User Client, & Server Manager.

Virtual TimeClock Network About Window


3. Select the proper upgrade guide based on your edition: