Viewing Timecards in Virtual TimeClock

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Selecting & Viewing Timecards

Virtual TimeClock includes several timecard reports for users and administrators. Timecards record each employee punch in and punch out times and are typically used for payroll and other reporting purposes. This article will explain how to view timecards as an administrator or manager, and how to view timecards as a user.

Note: If you need to view timecard data for inactive employees, see the Timecards for Inactive Users article.

Viewing Timecards as an Administrator or Manager
Follow the steps below to view employee timecards as an administrator or manager.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose My Reports from the administrator toolbar and select a timecard report.
  • Basic Edition users will select the Timecard option in the toolbar.
Viewing group timecards in Virtual TimeClock

Tip: To view the timecard for just one user, right-click (Ctrl + click on Mac) a user's name from the admin In & Out Board and choose Timecard.

Changing Report Dates and Displays Settings
  • By default, timecards will display all entries in the current payroll period. To change the date range, select the People & Dates option from the report toolbar and change the Date Range field.

Timecard options for selecting people and dates

  • If you do not see overtime calculations, review the Overview of Overtime article to ensure you've properly created and assigned overtime rules.
  • There are two options when displaying hours on reports: decimal hours (ex 6.25), which is the default, or hours & minutes (ex 6:15). Find out more about the time format by reading the Decimal Hours vs Hours & Minutes article.
Viewing Timecards as a User
Workers can easily access their own timecard for reference. For more information about user reports, see the Assigning Reports article.

In & Out Board Users

  1. Right-click on a user's name and choose Timecard.
  2. If prompted, enter user password.
  3. Use the report toolbar to change the report dates, save or print the timecard.
Employee timecard from In/Out Board

PIN, Passcode & Individual Interface Users

Note: This only applies to Pro and Network edition users.

  1. Enter employee PIN or password to open the time clock.
  2. Select the User Actions menu in the top left corner.
  3. Choose Timecard from the pop-up menu.
  4. Use the report toolbar to change the report dates, save or print the timecard.
Employee timecard from the User Actions menu
If you need to train your employees on using Virtual TimeClock, you can find a User Quick Reference guide in the Help menu of your software. This guide includes everything a user needs to know about using the TimeClock, including the steps above for viewing timecard reports.