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Timecard Entry Notes

Adding entry notes in Virtual TimeClock is an easy way to quickly attach a note to a worker's time punch. Entry notes can be used to explain a late arrival or early stop time, record a job number, report mileage, tips, or even productivity (cars washed or widgets built). This article will explain how to enable, use, print and export entry notes.

Enabling Entry Notes
Entry notes are enabled for each display group. Follow these steps to enable entry notes:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu to enter administrative mode.
  2. Choose Display Groups from the Configure menu and select your group.
  3. Under Settings check the box for Show 'Entry Note' field when clocking in and out.
  4. Click Apply in the bottom right corner of the window.

Note: Enabling Show 'Entry Note' option in user menus will allow users to modify their current entry note.

Using Entry Notes
Once enabled, a Note box will be available every time employees clock in, clock out or change activities. Workers can choose to enter a note, or continue without a note.

Virtual TimeClock Entry Notes

Displaying Entry Notes on Timecards
By default, entry notes are displayed on the Timecard Detail report. If workers have entered notes and you do not see them, follow these steps to enable display of entry notes:

  1. Select Report Writer from the Configure menu.
  2. Choose your timecard report and click the Report Options button.
  3. Under the Include section, check the box next to Timecard Entry Notes.
  4. Repeat for all reports that you want to display entry notes.
Virtual TimeClock Print Entry Notes

Once entry notes are included on timecards, they will be displayed underneath the timecard entry they were created for.

Virtual TimeClock Notes on Timecards

Tip: To simplify your reporting, you may want two timecard reports, one that displays entry notes and one that does not. Find out more about creating custom reports in the Report Writer article.

Exporting Entry Notes
Exporting timecard entry notes allows you to easily total numerical information (like tips or mileage) entered into the notes field. Follow these steps to include entry notes in the fields to export:

  1. Select the Export tool from the administrator toolbar.
  2. Choose either Timecard Detail or Activity Detail and click the Setup button.
  3. Under Fields to Export click Select and add Entry Notes to the report.
Export Entry Notes

Entry notes are a convenient way for TimeClock users to leave a note on their timecard when they punch in or out. In this article we've covered how to enable, print and export timecard entry notes.