Removing Users in Virtual TimeClock

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Removing Users

From time to time you may need to remove workers from the time clock, so it is important to understand your options in Virtual TimeClock. This article will explain the difference between deleting a user and making them inactive, as well as how to reactivate a user to access the time clock again.

Note: To learn more about user statuses, review the Overview of Users, Managers and Administrators.

Deleting vs Inactivating Users
Deleting a user means permanently removing all of their historical timecard records from Virtual TimeClock. Once a user is deleted, their data and information cannot be recovered and the user cannot be reactivated to use the time clock again. It is important to use caution when deleting users and consider making a user Inactive instead of deleting them.

Warning when deleting a user in the time clock software

An Inactive user is someone who no longer uses the TimeClock and won't be displayed in your groups and reports. Maintaining inactive users allows administrators immediate access to all historical employee timecard information should a question about their time and attendance arise at any later date. Additionally, a TimeClock administrator can quickly and easily reactivate an inactive user to allow them access to the time clock again.

Making a User Inactive
Setting a user's status to inactive will remove them from any display groups and prevent them from using the time clock, but will save all of their timecard records.

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Users from the Configure menu.
  3. Click the user in the list on the left of the Configure Users window.

Note: If you do not see a user's name when looking by last name, click the header of the user list and choose Everyone.

  1. In the Access tab change the status of a user by clicking the Status pop-up menu and choosing Inactive.
Inactivating a user in Virtual TimeClock
  1. Enter the user’s last day of employment.
  2. Click Apply to save the changes.

Viewing Timecards for Inactive Users
Find out how to view timecard data for inactive users by reviewing the Timecards for Inactive Users article.

Reactivating Inactive Users
You can reactivate an Inactive user at any time to grant them access to the TimeClock again.

Important: If you deleted a user, they cannot be reactivated or recovered.

Click the user list header (which displays Active Users Only by default) and filter the list to show Inactive Only. From the list of inactive users, select the user to reactivate and change their status to User, Manager, or Administrator. Finally, choose Edit in the Display Group Member section to add the user to one or more groups.

Note: If a user's status is set to manager, assign the user to the correct display group(s) they are to manage by clicking Edit in the Groups Managed section.