Out Memos for Groups

Out Memos for Groups

Sometimes it is helpful to know if your users are on vacation, taking a day off, or at Jury Duty. Regardless of the circumstances, it can be helpful to display more than just 'Out' as a user's status on the In & Out Board. You can take advantage of the Out Memo feature of Virtual TimeClock to customize a user's clocked out status to be displayed on the In & Out Board. Continue reading to learn the different out memo options available in Virtual TimeClock.

Note: Out memos are only available in Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network Editions. 

The default out memo in Virtual TimeClock is 'Out'. The out memo will display when users clock out if no changes are made to out memo settings. Custom out memos can be created by administrators beforehand or by users on the fly as they clock out. Out memos are only for display purposes on the In & Out Board. They will not be recorded or displayed on a user's timecard. If you want a note of why a user left early have your users add it as an entry note. 

Out memos are set at the display group level, so if you have multiple groups ensure that you select the correct group in the left column and make the changes to each applicable display group.

Note: If you're new to display groups, review our overview of display groups in Virtual TimeClock Knowledge Base article for more information on how to use this powerful feature.

Adding Out Memos
You can create unique out memos or allow your users to create custom out memos when they clock out. Follow the steps below to create an out memo. 
  1. Select Turn Administration On in the File menu.
  2. Select Out Memo from the Configure menu.
  3. Create a new out memo by selecting Add in the bottom left corner.
  4. New out memos are automatically added to all display groups. If you want to edit and limit which display groups the out memos are available to, follow the steps below. 
Virtual TimeClock Configure Out Memos
Assigning Out Memos to Display Groups
Since all out memos by default are assigned and available to all display groups. If you want to limit which display groups out memos are available to, you must manually uncheck the out memo as an option for each display group. Follow the steps below to specify which out memos are available to display groups and to assign a default out memo for a group.
  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select Display Groups from the Configure menu. Choose the group you want to edit permissions for in the left column.
  3. Select the Memos tab. 
  4. Click Select in the Memos section and check/uncheck the boxes for out memos available to users.
  5. Choose a default out memo. The default memo will be the default option chosen when users clock out to simplify the process of clocking out. 
  6. Select Save Changes.
  7. Decide if users want to be able to create custom out memos. Check the box labeled Allow Custom Out Memos found on the right side of the Memos tab. This setting is not enabled by default.
  8. Repeat the steps for additional display groups by choosing the group in the left column and selecting the Memos tab. 
Note: Since out memos are automatically assigned to all display groups, if you want an out memo to be available to specific groups you must manually uncheck the out memo as an option for each of your other display groups.
Virtual TimeClock Out Memos
Enable Users to Create Custom Out Memos
A setting can be enabled which allows users to create their own out memos as they clock out. For example, a user might add the memo 'Out on vacation all week' or 'Out until 3:00 pm today'. The out memo will be displayed on the In & Out Board in the Status column. Custom out memos made by users are not stored in the time clock or tied to timecard entries because out memos are only for display purposes. Refer to the Assigning Out Memos to Display Groups section above to learn how to enable this setting.