Configure Payroll Settings

Configure Payroll Settings

Virtual TimeClock payroll settings allow you to match timecard and payroll reporting with your company's payroll period. This is an important part of proper TimeClock configuration because the payroll period defines how the program will display your timecard totals and reports. This article will explain setting up your payroll period as well as several other options available for Pro and Network editions users.

Setting Your Payroll Period

Follow these steps to set your payroll period:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Settings from the Configure menu.
  3. Modify the Payroll Frequency and Current Payroll Period settings to match your company payroll period.
  4. Click Apply to save your settings.
Virtual TimeClock Payroll Settings
Note: To specify what day of the week your workweek starts, select Time Settings from the Configure menu and choose the correct day from the Workweek starts on pop-up menu. This setting also determines how overtime is calculated.
Payroll Frequency
The payroll frequency is how often employees get paid. Options are Weekly, Biweekly (paid every 14 days), Semi-Monthly (paid twice a month), Monthly and User Defined.
Note: When selecting Semi-Monthly or Monthly, you will need to specify the period start day.
Current Payroll Period
The current payroll period defines the payroll period that will be used for totaling and displaying reports. Once the Start Date is entered, the software will automatically calculate and display the End Date, unless the Payroll Frequency is set to User Defined. In that case, the user will need to define both the start and end dates.

Note: The Reopen Prior Period button allows you to open the last closed period to make changes. 

Electronic Timecard Approval & Payroll Integration
The electronic timecard approval and payroll integration features are only available in Pro and Network editions.
  • Electronic Timecard Approval - Learn more about how employees can approve their timecards electronically.
  • Payroll Export - Find out how to integrate Virtual TimeClock with your supported payroll solution for seamless payroll processing.

Now that you've properly configured your payroll settings, learn more about the payroll approval process for your edition of Virtual TimeClock: Payroll Approval in Basic Edition or Payroll Approval in Pro & Network editions.