Calculating & Reporting Overtime

Calculating & Reporting Overtime

Overtime hours are calculated and displayed based on the rule assigned to users. If you have not created your overtime rule(s) or assigned them to users, please see our creating overtime rules or assigning overtime rules articles.

As employees clock in and out, all time worked is recorded by the software. When an overtime rule is assigned, overtime hours will be calculated and displayed on both detail and summary reports.

Current Payroll Period Overtime
When a timecard is run for a current payroll period, Virtual TimeClock calculates regular and overtime hours based on any overtime rule that has been assigned to each hourly employee. The calculations occur very quickly and automatically as part of any report generation process that contains hours for the current payroll period.

Prior Payroll Period Overtime
When a payroll period is closed, all regular and overtime hours are calculated and permanently saved. Therefore, all hours on a report for a prior payroll period are displayed, but they are not retotaled or recalculated. Therefore changing an employee's overtime rule will not change their overtime totals for closed/prior payroll period hours. Learn more about opening and closing payroll periods.

Reporting Overtime Hours
Overtime hours are reported in separate columns to distinguish daily and weekly overtime and each unique rate. The columns give an at-a-glance view of all regular and overtime hours.

To run a report with overtime hours:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Select a report, such as Timecard Detail, from the Reports menu.
Virtual TimeClock Timecard With Overtime