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  1. 1986

    First Mac Time Clock Software

    The first employee time clock software is created for Apple's exciting new Macintosh computers. Several small businesses in California purchase and install the custom written software. Workers begin punching in and out at a computer that impartially records their time and instantly totals hours and overtime.

  2. 1990

    Redcort Software is Born

    Virtual TimeClock 2.0 is released with semi-monthly payroll support, historical timecards, and fully integrated backup. Redcort Software is founded at to provide long term development and support for Virtual TimeClock.

  3. 1994

    Time Clocks in Living Color

    Demand for employee time tracking increases as new color Macs are widely embraced by the graphics industry. After years of tweaking and tuning the time clock software, the first paid upgrade is finally ready for release. In addition to a dozen new time and attendance features, the time clock software now runs in glorious color.

  4. 1998

    Virtual TimeClock Goes Online

    The time clock software is branded as 'Virtual TimeClock' and packaged for general sale. After launching it on the Internet with its own home page, more than 25,000 people download the software in the first three months. Customers from all over the United States begin using Virtual TimeClock.

  5. 2000

    Virtual TimeClock Pro

    Virtual TimeClock Pro is launched as a completely rewritten 3.0 version with dozens of advanced time and attendance features. Running a SQL database, Virtual TimeClock Pro now runs on multiple time clock computers on a local business network.

  6. 2001

    Windows & Mac OS X Time Clock

    Virtual TimeClock Pro 4.0 is a major new technology release with multi-platform support. Virtual TimeClock now runs on Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple's new OS X based computers as well as Apple's legacy OS 9 environment.

  7. 2002

    Timecard Report Writer

    An incredibly powerful, easy-to-use reporting tool is introduced as the Timecard Report Writer. Customizing reports is now quick and easy. The Report Writer provides the ability to create an unlimited number of advanced time and attendance reports for users, departments or activities.

  8. 2003

    Employee Benefit Tracking

    Virtual TimeClock adds employee benefit accrual and use tracking with categories for tracking vacation, sick leave, holidays, and personal time throughout the year. The new Accrued and Used Leave report provides employees and management instant access to worker leave accruals and balances.

  9. 2004

    Time Clock on the Web

    Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.0 introduces a modern TCP/IP based client-server architecture. Virtual TimeClock computers at multiple business locations can now easily communicate using the Internet. Remote time clock and timecard access is enthusiastically embraced by busy entrepreneurs.

  10. 2005

    Virtual TimeClock Goes Global

    Virtual TimeClock expands into dozens of countries with support for international operating systems. The suite of time and attendance apps steadily matures with powerful new exporting features for business analysis tools like Microsoft Excel. Redcort partners with CheckMark Payroll® so employee hours and overtime flow effortlessly and accurately from timecard to paycheck.

  11. 2006

    Manual & Scheduled Backups

    New backup features make it quick and easy to perform a manual data backup or schedule automatic periodic backups to secure your time clock data. Moving Virtual TimeClock to a new computer is super easy with the new data restore functionality. New customization features are added to the Report Writer.

  12. 2007

    Paid Breaks, Entry Notes & Program Logging

    Tracking and reporting paid breaks is introduced. Timecard entries can now be appended with a free form note that facilitates tracking tips, mileage, or notification of a work irregularity. Security and program performance is enhanced as modifications, timecard edits, and errors are all logged automatically.

  13. 2008

    Time Clock for the Enterprise

    A complete rewrite of major portions of Virtual TimeClock is undertaken to integrate an enterprise capable SQL database engine. As a result of this massive undertaking, in 2009 current users experience a seamless upgrade while enterprise environments can easily track time and attendance for thousands of workers.

  14. 2009

    Display Groups, Unlimited Leave & Overtime Rules

    A modern new SQL database engine powers the new display groups feature that allows any time clock to serve a subset of users. Overtime and auto time deduction options are expanded and unlimited leave categories & awards are now possible. Powerful new select and sort capabilities are added to the Report Writer.

  15. 2010

    Payroll TimeClock Integration

    Virtual TimeClock saves employers time and eliminates errors by fully integrating with SurePayroll®, AccountEdge®, Paychex®, and PayChoice® online payroll. Powerful new shift rules, schedules, and expanded overtime rules give employers powerful tools to more easily manage employee overtime.

  16. 2011

    Shift Rules & Late Arrival Report

    Shift rules and employee schedules allow employers to automatically control and monitor time clock use. Start and stop rules control overtime by limiting early punching in and restricting clocking in outside of scheduled shift. The Late Arrival report is introduced to easily track late arrivals.

  17. 2012

    User Client, ADP & QuickBooks Support, PIN Interface

    Nearly 100 new features and a redesigned user experience makes Virtual TimeClock 12 a major upgrade. QuickBooks® and ADP Pay eXpert® payroll integration. New Virtual TimeClock User Client app with no administrative features for added security. Privacy is enhanced on group time clocks with new PIN and passcode interface options.

  18. 2013

    6th & 7th Day Overtime, PDFs & Integrated Timecard Editing

    Expanded and enhanced overtime rules now supports 6th and 7th day overtime options. Save timecards and reports as PDFs for electronic delivery of unalterable timecards. Editing timecards and report settings directly from the Report Preview simplifies timecard editing and report customization.

  19. 2014

    Full Screen Mode & NTP Time Server Support

    Virtual TimeClock 14 introduces a modern and simplified user experience. The new full screen mode makes Virtual TimeClock shine on touch screens, laptops and Microsoft Tablets. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is now used for timestamps, opening access to hundreds of fully qualified internet time servers around the globe.

  20. 2015

    Electronic Timecard Approval & Data Security

    An all new timecard approval system allows workers, managers, and payroll personnel to electronically approve worker hours, overtime, and leave. Modern data security features include new password rules, encrypted databases, and TLS encrypted connections for Network Edition users.

  21. 2016

    Missed Punches & Lunch Rules

    Users are automatically prompted if they forget to clock out, allowing managers to easily identify and correct common timecard issues. New lunch rules help employers control overtime costs and ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws. Updated interface enables users to punch in and out up to 50% faster.

  22. 2017

    Updated Leave, Networking, & Automatic Updates

    Version 18 ships in December, just in time for the new year! Top user requests are added, including new leave award caps, time saving right-click access for common tasks, and completely redesigned network login with secure end-to-end encryption. Automatic software updates ensure you always have the latest release.

  23. 2018

    ADP Workforce Now® Integration

    Quarterly updates in 2018 add popular new features including payroll integration with ADP Workforce Now®, auto time additions, and helpers to simplify TimeClock Network Edition setup. Updated program welcome, registration, and database interfaces, and over two dozen bug fixes enhance the overall user experience.

  24. 2019

    New 64-bit Apps, HiDPI, Dark Mode, & Kiosk option

    Virtual TimeClock 19 is completely rebuilt with a new 64-bit architecture that runs smoother, lighter, and faster than ever. Beautifully enhanced user interface remains familiar to users, HiDPI display for razor-sharp text and graphics, new Kiosk Mode enhances security for group time clocks, and support for macOS Dark Mode.

  25. 2020

    COVID Shutdowns & 64-bit Updates

    We updated Virtual TimeClock at the beginning of the year and again in the spring. These updates enhanced our new 64-bit applications and introduced compatibility with Apple's release of MacOS Catalina. Throughout the year of unprecedented COVID shutdowns, all hands were on deck helping customers reconfigure and deploy their timeclocks for contactless use and remote worker access.

  26. 2021

    Working From Home & Windows 11 Support

    Virtual TimeClock was updated mid-year with support for Microsoft's new Windows 11. We also added security and network enhancements for employees and managers using the timeclock while working from home. Our entire team remained focused on helping customers (new and old) to successfully navigate their timeclock challenges related to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

  27. 2022

    TimeClock Management & System Compatibility

    Virtual TimeClock 22 brought new administrative features that simplified reviewing timecards for payroll and adjusting timecards when workers forget to clock out. Version 22 also introduced payroll integration support QuickBooks 2022 and compatibility for Microsoft Windows Server 2022 and Apple's macOS 13 Ventura.

  28. 2023

    Modern Time Tracking with New Features

    Virtual TimeClock 23 adds dozens of enhanced features and functions, including daily paid break limits, default times for manual entries, and lunch rules that aid in compliance with recent labor rulings. An updated and modernized user experience remains completely familiar while ensuring compatibility with the latest Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS features and functions.

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