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Protect Your Time Clock Data From Natural Disaster

September 5, 2017

When a natural disaster strikes near you, the last thing you’ll probably be thinking about is your time clock. Thinking ahead about your time clock data can save you a lot of time and effort later. In this blog, we want to show you how you can easily prepare for a natural disaster and how to recover your time clock information after such an event.

Make a Recent Backup of Time Clock Data
Having a recent backup of your time clock data is the difference between a minor inconvenience and major payroll hassle. To perform a manual backup, follow the steps in the Manual Backups article. If you're interested in scheduled backups, follow the steps in the Automatic Scheduled Backups and Verifying Scheduled Backups articles.

Note: Automatic backups are only available in the Virtual TimeClock Pro and Network editions.
Save Time Clock Data Offsite
It’s important to think about where to store your data. If you save a backup to the computer with your time clock database, then if something happens to that computer then you lose your database and your backup. To prevent this from happening, back up your time clock data to a USB memory stick, external hard drive, cloud services, or attached network storage. Learn more about where to save time clock data by reading the Overview of Backups article.

Protect Your Hardware From Natural Disaster

Computers are an investment, so there are times that you may need to physically move a computer. If you need to move Virtual TimeClock to a different computer temporarily, follow the moving guide based on your edition.

How to Restore Data After Natural Disaster
If something happened to your computer with Virtual TimeClock Basic, Pro, or Network Edition Server Manager installed on it follow these steps to find and restore your database. Contact us if you need a copy of your license key. If something happened to a computer with the Pro or User Client installed, simply remove the license registration from the Server Manager and download the correct version of the client on another computer.

If you moved Virtual TimeClock to another computer to avoid the disaster, then follow the appropriate moving guide, found above, to install and restore your database.

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