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Employee time clock software for Mac & Windows computers.

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    It runs on equipment you already own.

    Virtual TimeClock runs on most Windows PC or Mac OS X computers. Put Virtual TimeClock on an older computer in a breakroom or employee entrance. Installing it on each employee workstation provides workers with a convenient, easy-to-use time clock for punching in and out.

    Run Virtual TimeClock on your laptop and you'll have at-a-glance knowledge of every worker's current status. Track and total time instantly on screen or print timecards and reports to your printer.
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    Virtual TimeClock is easy to use.

    Just about anyone can install and set up Virtual TimeClock. Our well thought out, clean and consistent interface means you'll have it up and running in no time. And if you have a question, we're here to help even if you're just checking out our free trial.

    ​Even non-computer users quickly discover that punching in and out with Virtual TimeClock is intuitive and easy.
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    It greatly simplifies timecard management.

    Ensure accurate payroll with unbiased time tracking.
    Pay workers or track time with confidence and accuracy. Virtual TimeClock impartially records the exact time as it occurs, removing any guessing or estimating of arrivals, departures, breaks & lunches.

    Enjoy hassle free timecards anytime you need them.
    Up-to-date timecards and comprehensive reports are always available. No more chasing down incomplete or missing timecards that can hold up payroll processing. Sleep better knowing that all of your current and prior time and atttendance data is electronically stored and available with just a click.

    Save time with automatically totaled hours & overtime.
    Virtual TimeClock makes totaling hours and tracking overtime effortless. Reports are instantly totaled as either hours and minutes or decimal hours. Because totaling is automatic, workers or managers can easily view, print, and approve timecards before submitting employee hours and overtime to payroll.
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    Backed by a company you can count on.

    Redcort Software Inc. is headquartered in central California where we design, engineer & support Virtual TimeClock. For over 25 years, we've been creating innovative employee time clock software that delights our customers.

    Whether it's installing and setting up a free trial of Virtual TimeClock, or learning something new about the program, you'll find the friendly people at Redcort Software interested and available to help you manage your employee timecards and time tracking needs.
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    What's New in Virtual TimeClock 16?

    Virtual TimeClock 16 has an updated, but familiar user interface that enables workers to punch in and out up to 50% faster and simplifies common administrative tasks.

    Workers are now automatically prompted if they forget to clock out and time clock managers can easily and quickly identify and correct timecards with missed punches.

    New lunch and group based shift rules help employers to save time, control overtime costs, and ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws.
    Learn more about Virtual TimeClock 16

Getting Started with Virtual TimeClock Easy

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Determine if the Basic, Pro or Network edition is best for your business needs.

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Select an Edition

  • Virtual TimeClock Basic
  • Basic Edition
  • Simple employee time clock
  • Up to 3 workers
  • 1 computer
  • $99
    One time software purchase
  • Virtual TimeClock Pro
  • Pro Edition
  • Advanced employee time clock
  • Unlimited workers
  • 1 computer
  • $195
    One time software purchase
  • Virtual TimeClock Network
  • Network Edition
  • Advanced employee time clock
  • Unlimited workers
  • Multiple computers
  • Based on number of computers
    One time software purchase.

Compare Virtual TimeClock Editions

Download a detailed comparison

Edition Basic Pro Network
Number of computers 1 1 Multiple
Number of workers 3 Unlimited Unlimited
User interface options In / Out Board In / Out or Pin In / Out, Pin, Personal
Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll Yes Yes Yes
Record regular, daily & weekly overtime hours Yes Yes Yes
Encrypted SQL database Yes Yes Yes
Easy data backup Manual Manual & Scheduled Manual & Scheduled
Print or save timecards as unalterable PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Electronic timecard approval Yes Yes
Report Writer (with over a dozen built-in reports) Yes Yes
Payroll integration (ADP®, QuickBooks®, Paychex® & others) Yes Yes
Leave accrual and use tracking (daily, monthly & annual) Yes Yes
Time tracking for paid and unpaid activities or jobs Yes Yes
Shift rules & schedules for overtime control Yes Yes
Track lunches and breaks Yes Yes
Export to spreadsheets for data analysis Yes Yes
Built-in messaging for worker communication Yes Yes
TimeClock access from networked computers Yes
TimeClock access via the Internet (remote office or admin) Yes

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Virtual TimeClock User Reviews

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"Virtual TimeClock is helpful for reducing paperwork for more paper timecards."

University of Oklahoma

"We have this software running at 5 of our locations and it saves me at least 15 hours when running payroll every month. This software is a must if you are looking to expand or cut down on costs."

Sterling Wholesale Grocery Co.

"That’s where Virtual TimeClock fits, providing an easy-to-use and inexpensive time tracking program that works with Windows and Mac computers."

CPA Practice Advisor

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