Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration

Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration

Virtual TimeClock Pro and Virtual TimeClock Network integrate with many popular payroll systems and software. Payroll integration eliminates the time consuming chore of manually entering hours into your payroll program and the common problem of data entry errors.

Once you have reviewed timecards at the end of a payroll period, from within Virtual TimeClock you’ll save a specially formatted file containing your employee hours, overtime and leave. The payroll software has a button that allows you to select and import this file directly into their system. The vital step of reporting your employee time to payroll is performed quickly and 100% accurately every time.  

Setting up Payroll Integration
Below are Payroll Integration Setup Guides prepared specifically for each of the providers that we support. Each guide contains step-by-step instructions as it walks you though a one-time setup.

Please contact us if you do not see your payroll provider listed above. A number of payroll services actually use the backend payroll systems of a national provider. In this case we can point you to an existing Integration Guide that will work with your payroll service. We are always open to exploring additional payroll integration if we do not currently support your provider. 

If you’re looking for a payroll provider, Virtual TimeClock has partnered with SurePayroll® with a special offer and pricing for your payroll needs. Click to learn more.


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