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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - October 2015

Most people start using Virtual TimeClock to track their employee hours and overtime. It is easy to overlook the benefits of tracking hours that are not worked. In this issue of Tips & Tricks we'll explore some ways you can save time and money with the break and lunch tracking options available in Virtual TimeClock.

Tracking Lunches & Breaks
While lunches are nearly always unpaid, companies often need information about worker lunch breaks. When workers clock out for lunch, managers gain real time knowledge of who is at lunch, how long they've been out, and when they are likely to return. It also allows you to objectively monitor long and short lunch trends through customizable periodic reports. 
Are long worker breaks an issue for you? Virtual TimeClock will create a record of break time and even limit the amount of paid time for each break. Enabling limits on breaks causes any time taken in excess of the designated break period to be recorded as unpaid time.  
Quick Tip:  Select Breaks & Lunches from the Configure menu in Virtual TimeClock Administration to setup your break and lunch options.

Automatic & Inserted Deductions
Some workers do not have convenient time clock access during their shift. You can enable employees to insert their lunches and breaks when punching out or allow a manager to easily insert breaks and lunches for a group of workers. If the actual time isn't important to you, you can automate the process and set Virtual TimeClock to automatically deduct a fixed lunch period after a preset number of hours worked.
Labor Law Compliance
Lunches and short breaks are often mandated by government labor laws. Requiring your employees to record their breaks and lunches in Virtual TimeClock creates a labor compliance record for your company. Additionally, Virtual TimeClock can help you avoid expensive labor disputes when employees approve their timecards and certify that all breaks and lunches were taken (even if not explicitly recorded). Worker timecard approval may be done electronically or by signature on a printed employee timecard report.
Remove Break & Lunch Buttons
If your work environment doesn't require break and lunch tracking, the Break and/or Lunch buttons can create extra work for management when they are used improperly or inconsistently by workers as they punch in and out. Fortunately, it's easy to remove the Break or Lunch buttons:

Using the various lunch and break features in Virtual TimeClock can simplify your time and attendance record keeping, automate your lunch tracking, and help your company comply with federal and state labor laws. Let us know if you have additional questions about these features. We are here to help weekdays 8AM-5PM Pacific!