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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - October 2013

I often forget how powerful the Virtual TimeClock Report Writer is. Sometimes when listening to a customer explain how they want the time clock data they’ve been collecting presented, it may take me a few moments to adjust the selection, sort , and report options before I can say, “Yeah, we can do that!” This month I want to take a look at several of the new report options in Virtual TimeClock ‘13 Release 2 and a new report that was originally developed for our own internal use at Redcort Software!

Timecard Report Options

We’ve added some exciting new report options to the Report Writer in Virtual TimeClock 13.2. We went deep into the request archives to find some Report Writer enhancements that we know you’ll find useful.

  • Total Unpaid Hours – Over the years we’ve added the ability to track unpaid time off and time spent on unpaid activities like lunch. Those unpaid hours were always kept in a separate column on employee timecards and totaled just like paid hours. Several of you have asked for the unpaid total to be removed since it’s not needed when processing payroll. Well now you can choose not to include a total for unpaid hours. 
  • Include Activities and/or Breaks & Lunches – I like this option a lot, especially if you’re tracking lots of activities throughout the work day. When this option is turned on, it will condense all activities for the day into a single entry containing the first start time of the day with the last stop time of the day. You can also choose whether to include breaks & lunches. 
  • Workers With No Hours – This is another great report option that many of you have been asking for. Normally, you get a timecard for every person who has hours in the payroll period. What about those people who were out on vacation for the week and their manager forgot to enter their leave time? Or what about salaried workers who don’t use the time clock to punch in and out? Now you can include those people on timecard summary reports so you don’t forget them when it’s time to process payroll.

Here’s a quick Tip:
Report options are set on a report by report basis. You may want to turn the same option on for both timecard detail and summary reports so the results are the same. 

Timecard Daily Report
It’s been a long time since we’ve added a new report to the lineup that already includes a dozen and a half built-in reports. Have you heard the phrase “Eating your own dog food”? It’s when a company uses its own product to demonstrate the quality and capabilities of the product. If you’re going to sell a product, you should be willing to use it. Just just like you, we use Virtual TimeClock everyday. Some staff are switching between multiple activities throughout their shift, which makes for a busy Timecard Detail report. That's great for data analysis and job costing, but our HR department wanted a single page payroll report for each employee that just showed when the employee started and finished their work day. That’s why engineering came up with the new Timecard Daily report. And I’m so glad they did!

Here’s a quick Tip:
Activity tracking is automatically turned on as soon as you create a new activity in the Configure control panel.

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow