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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - July 2011

Virtual TimeClock has entered the Lion’s den with Virtual TimeClock ‘11 Release 2. Our latest software update is fully compatible with Apple’s OS X 10.7 Lion operating system and includes a couple dozen software enhancements and fixes for both Mac and Windows PC users. There’s a new option to clear worker schedules if they’re no longer using shifts. You can also open multiple reports in separate preview windows for easy comparison and data analysis. A complete list of Virtual TimeClock ‘11 Release 2 new features and changes is available at

In this month’s newsletter, I want to show you the different ways you can handle employee lunches with Virtual TimeClock.

Lunch Tracking
One of the easiest ways to handle employee lunches is to use the built-in lunch action right on the main time clock toolbar. This will record actual punch times for the lunch break. Some employers like to keep track of how much time workers are spending on their lunch breaks so they can make sure phone coverage and customer care are being provided for. Others just want to make sure employees aren’t abusing their lunch breaks by taking extra time away from the office.

Lunch time is recorded separately on worker timecards like this:

Unpaid     Regular
08:05 AM     12:00 PM     In                               3:55
12:00 PM     01:05 PM     Lunch      1:05
01:05 PM     05:03 PM     In                               3:58

Here’s a quick Tip:
Go to the Tools menu and choose Time Calculations to verify that lunch breaks are set up according to your business rules.

Clocking Out
Another way to handle lunch breaks is to just have employees clock out when going to lunch. Long time customers may remember this way of handling lunches from older versions of Virtual TimeClock. Time tracking completely stops while you’re away. Employees start work in the morning, stop work when it’s time for lunch, start work again for their afternoon shift, and stop work at the end of the day. This method doesn’t add the extra lunch entries to worker timecards, so they look like this:

08:05 AM     12:00 PM     In              3:55
01:05 PM     05:03 PM     In              3:58

Here’s a quick Tip:
If you don’t want employees to use the lunch tracking feature, then you can remove it from the toolbar. Go to the Virtual TimeClock menu on Mac or the Edit menu on Windows PCs and choose Preferences, then click User Access.

Time Deductions
A third option is to automatically deduct lunch breaks after a certain number of hours are worked. Automatic time deductions are always unpaid and can be different for each employee. This leaves you with just 1 timecard entry per day, so it looks something like this:

Unpaid     Regular
08:05 AM     05:03 PM     In              1:00         7:58

Here’s a quick Tip:
Time deductions can be set up and assigned under the Wages panel in each user record. Choose Users from the Lists menu to get there.

There’s no right or wrong way to handle employee lunches. It just depends on what fits best with your office work-flow and how much detail you want to see on your employee timecards.

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow