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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - December 2009

I always approach our December newsletter with excitement. I’m excited about all the things I was able to accomplish over the course of the previous year, both personally and professionally. I’m excited as I look forward to another year with the opportunity to adjust my priorities and fine tune my goals. And I’m excited about our new Virtual TimeClock release that’s just weeks away.

Some of you may be in the midst of closing out your fiscal year and performing such activities as purchasing new hardware or software, reconciling inventory, or even taking a much earned vacation. It’s easy to get distracted with year-­end procedures so this edition of our ‘Tips & Tricks’ Newsletter will provide you with the information you need to quickly close out another successful year with Virtual TimeClock.

Carry over unused leave awards.
If your leave awards are based on the calendar year, then run the Accrued and Used Leave report to determine the remaining leave balance for each worker in each leave category. All of the year-­to-­date (YTD) totals on the report are based on the award anniversary for each worker so the key to knowing how many hours are available for carry over is in understanding what the different columns on the report mean. We’ve written a detailed article on carrying over unused leave awards at time and attendance articles. This is also the time to update any new leave award benefits based on your business rules.

Here’s a quick Tip:
With Virtual TimeClock ‘10 you’ll be able to easily track unpaid leave time, turning your time clock software into a true time & attendance system.

Enter 2010 paid holidays.
Now’s the perfect time to enter all the paid holidays your workers will receive for the next calendar year. From the Actions menu, choose Add Leave Entry. You can add all of the holidays for the upcoming year for any or all workers. The paid holidays won’t show on the worker’s timecard reports until the payroll period in which they occur.

Here’s a quick Tip:
If you’re not already tracking paid leave, take a look at our time and attendance articles to get started right away.

Check that scheduled backup.
Make sure you’re backing up your time clock software data. It’s such an easy thing to do and can mean the difference between minor inconvenience and major payroll hassles. This is the perfect time to check your scheduled backup, especially if you’ve recently upgraded or moved your time clock software.

Here’s a quick Tip:
We’ve got instructions for setting up your scheduled backup on our time clock support blog.

I hope this newsletter helps you prioritize where Virtual TimeClock fits in with all your other year-­end procedures. All of us at Redcort Software hope you have a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s celebration!

Until next year,

Jeff Morrow

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