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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - May 2007

When I sit down at home to work on a project, I love having everything at my fingertips. It makes me more efficient and enthusiastic about the entire process. There’s nothing more frustrating to me than constantly stopping forward progress to look for a tool or run to the store for additional supplies. It’s a huge frustration to run out of time by failing to anticipate and allocate the resources I need to complete a project on time.

The same situation holds true at the office. Do you have a hard time finding all of the information you need for an employee review? Do you have employee information stored in different places? Centralizing information in one place makes you more productive as it saves you time and energy. We’ve introduced some new features in Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.5 that will help you be more efficient by centralizing the storage of your worker information and simplifying timecard management.

Expanded worker information tracking
Worker information has been expanded and arranged in a more clearly defined manner. The Personal tab still allows you to store some basic worker information and manage individual user security. The new Employment tab incorporates the previous payroll items, plus all new worker hire and termination dates. We’ve even included an alphanumeric Employee Number field that can be included in exports of timecard data and printed on timecard reports! The new Notes tab is my favorite because it allows you to centralize just about any kind of employee related information. Our customers have requested this free form notes field to store things like wage history, review dates and outcomes, safety and other job related training, dates and types of professional credentials or certification. Like one user said, “You can pretty much store anything you want there.”

Simplified timecard management
We’ve made it easier than ever to add manual and leave entries for individual workers. Simply select the worker first, then whether you use the new contextual menus or the TimeClock menu, the worker name automatically carries over to the new entry dialog. We’ve created a simple new interface for the selection of timecard entries to be modified. Once you are in the Entry Editor, you can change your current selection criteria by clicking the Select toolbar icon and then add or remove selected workers, tasks, or departments. You guessed it, this saves you time and energy when switching between worker timecards.

I hope you get a chance to start using Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.5 soon. It’ll give you back more time and energy for other pursuits.

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow