Determine Your Current Support Plan

Determine Your Current Support Plan

Software Maintenance & Support is an optional annual program for registered users of Virtual TimeClock Pro and Virtual TimeClock Network editions. Enrollment is not available for Virtual TimeClock Basic Edition. 

The Maintenance & Support program is designed to ensure the long term, economical operation of your software. A single low cost annual fee provides unlimited technical support, software training, and free upgrades to all new releases of your software. 

To quickly determine your enrollment status:

Using your Software License Email

  1. Locate your most recent Virtual TimeClock Software license. Your license key with installation instructions is emailed to you when you purchase Virtual TimeClock and each year when you renew your annual Maintenance & Support enrollment. 
  2. The Maintenance & Support line on your license indicates Declined or an Enrolled Through date.

Using Your Installed Software

  1. Select License Key from the Help menu. 
  2. Once your software is activated with a license key, your companys' enrollment status is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the License Key window (see below).
Virtual TimeClock License Window
Note: If the date is incorrect, you may still need to enter your latest license keys.