Upgrading Virtual TimeClock Overview

Upgrading Virtual TimeClock Overview

This document provides an overview of Virtual TimeClock software upgrades.

Upgrading is Easy

Virtual TimeClock upgrade are easy for a person with good basic computer skills. We have simple step-by-step upgrade and moving guides for Virtual TimeClock Basic, Pro and Network edition. 

It takes about 10 minutes to upgrade Virtual TimeClock Basic or Pro edition. Network Edition upgrades take an additional few minutes for each client computer where the software is or will be installed. 

Your data is always preserved during an upgrade. A backup of your data is always created when upgrades require changes to your database.

Four Types of Upgrade
There are four ways to upgrade your Virtual TimeClock software:

1. Edition Upgrade
This upgrade allows you to enjoy the additional benefits of a different edition of Virtual TimeClock. For example, a Basic TimeClock can be upgraded to the Pro or Network edition. A single computer Pro TimeClock can be upgraded to a multi-computer network editionTimeClock. 

Cost:  When you upgrade to any new edition, you receive a 30% credit for your current licensed edition as a discount to the upgrade. For example, if you are upgrading from the Basic Edition to the Pro Edition, you’ll get a discount of $30 towards your new Pro license purchase. 

2. Maintenance Upgrade
This is a ‘same year’ maintenance release that fixes bugs and/or provides program enhancements. These minor ‘dot’ releases are incremented within a release year: 16.1, 16.2, 16.3, etc. Upgrading Virtual TimeClock Pro 16 Release 1 (16.1) to Virtual TimeClock Pro 16 Release 2 (16.2) is a maintenance upgrade.

Cost: Maintenance releases are free for licensed users of a release year. So all licensed Virtual TimeClock 16 users get free maintenance upgrades from 16.1 to 16.2 etc.

3. Version Upgrade
This is a ‘different year’ release that provides major new program features and/or functionality. Major releases are incremented as a new release year: 15,16,18 etc. Upgrading Virtual TimeClock Pro 15.x to Virtual TimeClock Pro 16.x is a major upgrade.

 Cost: Major releases are FREE for Pro and Network edition users that are enrolled in our annual Software Maintenance & Support program. Basic Edition users as well as Pro and Network edition users not enrolled in software Maintenance & Support receive a 30% credit of their current license towards the latest release. For example, the cost for a non-enrolled Pro user to upgrade from Virtual TimeClock Pro 15 to Virtual TimeClock Pro 18 is the discounted price of $136.50.

4. Compatibility Upgrade  
Compatibility upgrades occur when a new computer is installed with an operating system that is not compatible with your current Virtual TimeClock software license. Unfortunately, older versions of Virtual TimeClock can fail to run (at all or reliably) on new computer operating systems that are released years after your version Virtual TimeClock was developed and tested.

Cost: Compatibility always requires a version upgrade. See #3 Version Upgrade above.

Users may upgrade for multiple reasons at the same time. For example, When upgrading for compatibility with a new computer (#4), you may also decide this is a good time to upgrade from Virtual TimeClock Basic to our Pro Edition (#1).

Next Steps & Helpful Links

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance with a Virtual TimeClock upgrade.