Virtual TimeClock Knowledge Base

Virtual TimeClock End-of-Life Policy

Redcort Software is committed to providing prompt, comprehensive technical support of your Virtual TimeClock software. In order to provide the best support and service possible, our staff and internal hardware systems are focused on supporting a limited number of Virtual TimeClock versions. We provide this software End of Life (EOL) policy to help our customers understand how to effectively deploy and maintain their TimeClock software.

End of Life Policy
We provide support and training for each major Virtual TimeClock release for 5 years following the original release year. The release version reflects the original release year. For example, Virtual TimeClock 14 (released March 2014) reached end of life on December 31, 2019.

End of Life Planning
It is important to be aware of the following considerations as your version of Virtual TimeClock reaches end of life:

1.  Virtual TimeClock will continue working when it reaches end of life. The software remains yours to use forever.

2.  We are unable to provide support or training for end of life versions.  Our newer systems do not run many older version of Virtual TimeClock. Keeping staff fully trained on all versions of our software is simply not feasible. The built-in setup and configuration guides under the Help menu of Virtual TimeClock are version specific and remain available for your reference. Because of the maturity of our software, many of the Knowledge Base and technical support articles on our website remain generally relevant and helpful for end of life versions of Virtual TimeClock.

3.  Installer downloads are not available for end of life software. We provide the ability to download prior releases of Virtual TimeClock as a courtesy to our customers. However, older releases may have vulnerabilities that prevent us from endorsing their continued use. Since users expect us to support all software available from our web site, we are only able to provide downloads for versions that we currently support.  Please make sure that you get a copy of your software installer(s) before your software reaches end of life.

4.  You can upgrade to the latest Virtual TimeClock release anytime. We provide a simple upgrade path from any prior Virtual TimeClock version to our latest release. We offer an upgrade discount and upgrading is quick and easy.

Please contact us if you have questions about your software and our end of life policy. We're here to help!