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Different Pay Rates for Different Jobs

It's not unusual for employers to pay workers a different wage based on the job they're performing. A common example […]

New Leave Categories and Worker Leave Reports

Virtual TimeClock allows you to set up as many different leave categories as you want, both paid and unpaid. This […]

Keeping Your In/Out Board Current

The advantage of using your employee time clock system as your office in/out board is that the status of each […]

Upgrading Pro to Network Edition

I hope your business is thriving despite these tough economic times. If you do need to hire more employees, your […]

Military vs. Decimal Time Display

I often talk with customers who use the phrase 'military time' to describe how they want total hours to be […]

Clearing Employee Schedules

Using shifts and employee schedules is a great way to control employee overtime by setting clock in and clock out […]

Using Time Clock Software as In/Out Board

One of the powerful features that makes Virtual TimeClock much more than a punch clock replacement is its use as […]

Troubleshooting Remote Computer Time Clocks

Just like time clock clients can connect to the time clock server software over the local area network, remote clients […]

Time Clock Clients Not Refreshing

The beauty of networked computer time clock software is that the status of each employee is instantly available on every […]

Virtual TimeClock ’11 Sneak Peek with Pictures!

Last month I was able to bring you some information regarding the new shifts feature in Virtual TimeClock '11. Well, […]