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Departments vs. Display Groups

December 7, 2012

When new users are setting up their time clock software for the first time, they often wonder about the difference between departments and display groups. They're both ways to group employees, but there are some major differences in how they're used.

Display Groups
Display groups are the program rules in use for each time clock, including what interface employees will use to open their User Status window so they can perform an action like clocking in, viewing their timecard, or reading their messages. Display groups allow you to quickly view and manage employees by location or department from the Administration window. Here are some other ways to use display groups:

  • Limit what activities and out memos workers can select when recording time
  • Control user and manager access to program features
  • Choose what reports users and managers can view and print
  • Set what user names get displayed in the in/out board list for each time clock

Departments are assigned to users only for reporting purposes, and get credit for all hours worked by that user. Virtual TimeClock already has built-in timecards reports sorted by department.

Don't be surprised if some of your department and display group names overlap and share the same membership. Here's a quick cheat sheet:

Departments = reporting
Display Groups = user access, security, what the time clock looks like

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