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Using Messaging Without Punching In

December 13, 2012

In older versions of Virtual TimeClock, if managers or time clock administrators wanted to use messaging then they needed to have their name listed in the in/out list of the main time clock window. This bothered some customers because these users typically didn't use the time clock software for punching in and out. With Virtual TimeClock '12, you no longer have to be listed in the in/out list to use messaging.

If you're not using the time clock to punch in & out and you want your name removed from the in/out list, then you'll need to remove yourself as a user of the display group. Turn on administration and from the Configure menu choose Users. Select the user and click the Groups button. Now just remove the user from the display groups in the Display Group User section. These users will be able to send and check messages from the admin toolbar after turning on administration.​

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