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Error 11: Disk Image is Malformed

January 11, 2019

In very rare cases you may come across an Error 11 message in your Virtual TimeClock software. An Error 11 means that your time clock database has been corrupted and you will not be able to use your TimeClock software until the issue is resolved. Continue reading to find out more about the error and how you can get your employee time clock operational again.

Error 11 message in Virtual Time Clock

What causes an Error 11
An Error 11 is often an early sign of hardware failure on your TimeClock computer. It is also possible that the database was corrupted after a catastrophic power failure, such as an electrical blackout or lightning strike.

Fixing the problem
There are several options for getting your TimeClock up and running again.

Reindex your database
In some cases, database maintenance can restore the functionality of your database. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select Turn Administration On from the File menu.
  2. Choose Database from the Configure menu.
  3. Click Reindex and then Verify to perform database maintenance.
If reindexing does not resolve the issue for you, continue with the other troubleshooting steps.
Restore a backup of your database
If you have a recent backup of your TimeClock database, you can use that backup file to complete a database restore which will fix the problem. You will need to manually add any time entries that were punched since your backup was created. We recommend moving your time clock software to a new computer before restoring the backup so that you don't have the same problem again. Follow the BasicPro, or Network edition moving guide depending on your edition.
Call technical support
If you do not have a recent backup of your database, our Technical Support team may be able to repair your corrupted database. Some databases are unrecoverable, so we cannot guarantee that your database will be recovered. If you are enrolled in Premier Support we will attempt repair at no charge; determine your support plan. If you have Standard Support, there will be a $49 support fee to attempt the repair. Contact us for more information.
Start a new database
If none of the options above were viable for your company, you will need to start a new TimeClock database. This means you will lose your historical timecard data. Download and install your licensed Virtual TimeClock version on a different computer, enter your license key, add your users and configure basic time clock settings to get started quickly.


In the event of an Error 11, we always recommend moving your software to a new computer so that you will not have the same issues related to hardware failure. Make sure to setup automatic backups on the new computer. Follow the steps in the Automatic Backups Knowledge Base article to set up your backup schedule.

Note: Basic Edition does not include automatic backups, so we recommend setting a reminder for yourself to create a manual backup at least once a week.

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