Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 5.5

April 7, 2007
Note: This release has reached End Of Life

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

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​Simplified Timecard Management

  • New contextual menus simplify adding manual & leave entries.
  • New contextual menu provides easy editing of timecard entries.
  • Adding/Modifying entries auto selects a worker selected in the TimeClock.
  • All new interface simplifies the selection of entries to be modified.
  • Updated Entry Editor toolbar for Leave and Manual entry additions.

Expanded Worker Information Tracking

  • Updated User and Leave administration and interface.
  • User administration now sorts by name or status.
  • New worker hire and termination dates.
  • New freeform, printable Notes field for each worker. (Use notes to track training, safety, wage history, reviews.)
  • Simplified Accrual Anniversary month and day.

Printing & Reports Improvements

  • User Profiles report updated with new worker information fields.
  • Timecard reports include new employee number.
  • New User notes report added to user record interface.
  • Leave entries now immediately available in Accrued & Used Leave reports.
  • Auto deductions resulting in a negative hours amount now display correctly.
  • Timecards leading with a 0 hour entry no longer show an incorrect starting week.
  • Deleting custom reports now consistently deletes as expected.
  • Printing messages using the File menu once again works as expected.
  • Messaging Page Setup for printers now works as expected

Improved User Experience

  • Changes to local preferences no longer requires a program restart.
  • Adding new tasks no longer allows multiple default tasks.
  • Editing private tasks now enforces the need for a stop time.
  • Private tasks can now be made default for manual entries.
  • Disabled Out Status memos are no longer available when editing memos.
  • Users are again assisted resolving common registration entry errors.
  • A server reboot no longer loses a non-default interface selection.
  • Editing leave entries consistently rounds to the nearest minute.